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I’m back and hopefully prettier than ever. In honor of my epic return to my sweet, sweet blog…it’s time for a special occasion…Topless Thursday.

Tom Felton

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So after an invigorating day at the office and then a trip through hell…aka my night class, I came home to enjoy a bowl of soup and some Harry Potter action with my roommate and cat…Baby Al.

Let me start out by saying that I have only seen the very first Potter film. I skipped the five billion ones in between, that is until the very last one. Honestly, I felt like I was in a dark room looking for my pants. P.S. do not try that at home.

Anywho, the only beacon of light in the film was that blonde beauty Draco Malfoy aka Tom Felton.

Thomas Felton was born September 22, 1987 and hails from Epsom, Surrey, England.

He began his acting career appearing in commercials and took on small roles in various movies.

Since no one wants to hear about those, I’ll get to the good stuff.

At 12-years-old, Felton landed for the role of Draco in the first Potter film. Surprisingly, Felton originally auditioned for the part of Ron Weasley, which subsequently went to (Ginger) Rupert Grint. Draco brought Felton much fame and a way busier schedule.

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When he does have some free time, Tom likes to do a little singing. Under the name “Feltbeats” there are a boatload of videos starring Felton singing some bitching tunes.

As for his personal life, unfortunately Felton has a lady. Her name is┬áJade Olivia Gordon and they met on the set of one of those Harry Potter movies. Gordon was an assistant to the stunt coordinator and that’s where she laid eyes on that precious Felton…jealous.

Of course I did a little research and they are apparently still together…yuck.

Felton has stated that he would like to pursue an acting career after the Potter series has wrapped up. I certainly hope that’s true…Felton could definitely play Ryan Gosling in the Ryan Gosling biopic.

Tom – Call me…please. I’d even be okay with an e-mail.


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