Teen activist…Bristol Palin

Photo Courtesy: chuvachienes.com

I was watching Dr. Drew’s show on HLN and you could probably guess who the guest was. One of the most well known teen moms, Bristol Palin is all up in our grills lately. From “Dancing with the Stars” to Dr Drew’s show on HLN, I’ve seen her more than I see my roommates!

Let’s take it back. Sarah Palin gets chosen to be McCain’s VP candidate and we meet Bristol, Sarah’s daughter. Side note: Bristol is dating the glorious-looking Levi Johnston. We all know that Levi gets her pregs and Bristol becomes a mom at 18. I thought this couple was going to be high school sweethearts…I was wrong…dead wrong.

While many thought because of Sarah’s pro-life views that Bristol was basically forced to have the baby. Bristol, of course, denies this. Btw: McCain and his advisors totally knew Bristol was pregs, probably even before Levi knew. Damn they are good. Fast-forwarding to public battle with Levi for custody and then us getting punked by the pair with a fake engagement, Bristol landed a gig on “Dancing with the Stars.” Was I pumped to see this!

When the teen mom was introduced, she was announced as “Teen Activist…Bristol Palin.” Many of us who watched “Dancing with the Stars” said to themselves…”huh?” Sadly, Bristol did not win, but she came pretty dame close.

Cut to today, it turns out that Bristol has quite the motivational speaking career, asking anywhere between $15,000 to $30,000 for each event she graces with her presence. But wait, there’s more! She also released a book titled, “Not Afraid of Life.” You know what, I say go for it Bristol, but stop telling people you’re a teen activist. Just tell us about your story and LEVI <3


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