Remember When…Snooki was Snooki

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Well, it looks like the party is officially over. Just 19 months after birthing her first child Lorenzo, Snooki…I mean Nicole Polizzi has announced she is with child number 2.

Snooks announced her pregnancy via her website, saying “Jionni and I are so excited to confirm that we are expecting our second child! Now knowing that our test results are good and our baby is healthy, we can finally talk about it!”

This is the third and final nail in the coffin that was Snooki. The first nail was getting pregs with baby number 1. The second nail was Snooki’s announcement that she didn’t want to be called Snooki anymore. Ugh. The third nail is this second pregnancy announcement. Things will never be the same. I’m heartbroken.

I know I should be happy for Snooks and Jionni, but I miss the old Snooki who wondered “where’s the beach?” and drank until her legs wouldn’t work. Am I the only one that misses those days?! So with this post, I would like to relive the good ole’ Snooki days.

Where’s the Beach?!

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t been on the boardwalk and wondered where the beach was? I think the best part of this scene was that even though JWow and Deena finally caught up with Snooks, she still managed to slip out of their grasp and face plant into the sand.

I’m just glad that one time I was looking for the beach wasn’t caught on film.

The Meaning of True Friendship

Who remembers when the meatballs roamed the Shore? I will never forget Snooki and her bestie Deena cruising for dudes and drinking booze. I mean, what else is there to do when you’re on vacation?

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Some of the Meatball quotes that will stand the test of time:
  • “It’s only, like, Jersey girls that can dance so hard their underwears come off.” – Deena
  •  “Everybody Google it. Because that’s why the water is salty. From the f**king whale sperm.” – Snooki
  • “I just didn’t want my cuca to come out.” – Snooki
  • “Doing eyelashes when you’re buzzed is not a good time.” – Deena

Putting Fashion Above All

Remember back in Miami when Snooki bought these sweet shades? She was so committed to fashion that she would rather be blind than look like a fool. “The glasses are pretty much all crystalled out, all bling-bling, but when you put them on you can’t really see. . . so I don’t think you can’t drive with them. . . because you’ll get a ticket,” said Snooki. Who wants to bet she tried to drive with these on?

Snooki, I understand you’re a grown up and have a family, but can’t you let loose a few times a year (and let MTV film it)? I mean, who is going to teach me what to wear and new ways to refer to my cuca?

There are many, many more classic Snooki moments, please share your favs!






Remember When…

Snooki was drunk all the time

So I’ll say it…I’m not entirely happy that Snooki is with child. I’m sorry, but I can’t hide my feelings any longer. I spent a majority of last weekend watching the “Jersey Shore” marathon on the TV and appreciated the fact that Snooki would drink until she fell over. It’s harder than you think…it’s a full-time job. During these benders, Snooki taught me how to Snook for love for goodness sakes! I think I’m crying.

Even though Snooki is engaged to Jionni and the happy couple is expecting a baby…I wanted to share some of my favise Snooki moments and reminisce on the good times.

Free Snooki

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Remember when Snooki couldn’t find the beach?

Injured Snooki

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Remember when Snooki and Deena were cruising in Italy and Snooki slammed into a police car?

Hamster Snooki

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Remember when MTV constructed a life-sized hamster ball and plopped Snooki inside? What a way to ring in 2011.

Typically, I would address Snooki with a sassy comment at this point, but I can’t sass a pregnant woman…I do have some morals. So this one goes out to Deena. Girl if you need someone to hit up the bar or club with you…I’m available day or night.

Snooki with child? Hell has frozen over

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Boy oh boy or should I say boy or girl?

This week is filled with a lot of baby news and the rumor mill is running on high with reports that Snooki is pregnant. Like me, you might need a moment or seven to digest that.

Snooki, 24 is allegedly three to four months pregnant…the father is Jionni LaValle, Snooki’s current bf who makes the occasional cameo on the “Jersey Shore.”

Mama Snooks is said to be shopping her pregnancy story around to all the mags. Rumor has it Us Weekly picked up the story and if it’s true…we’ll be seeing Snooks, the woman with a constant blood alcohol level, on the cover in the classic pregnancy pose.

Snooki hasn’t commented on this vital matter…neither has her rep.

What an interesting turn of events Snooki and JWoww’s spinoff show “Snooki and JWoww vs. The World” could take if this news is true. Instead of shopping for booze, they could be shopping for baby things…ugh.

Photo of the Day

Hi, my name is Kari and I watch the “Jersey Shore.” I love it…so much so that I incorporate such words/phrases into my vernacular:

  • “I know I’m not the smartest crayon… but we can make a party”
  • “Let’s get wasty-pants”
  • “Where’s the beach?” (Say while screaming at top of lungs)
  • “I wanna go to the gymmm”

In preparation of Jersday…I discovered a photo to make you giggle like a fool:

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Bahahahahhaha…guess whooooo? Yes, It is Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. He looks like such a gentleman here. But I know better…I read the gospel of Snooki:

Snooki on Mike: “That’s what you get for being a fucking douchebag.”

How does a man go from a bow tie to this:

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Dear Mike, Stop shaving the sides of your head! Along with that, stop being a fucking douchebag. Love, Kari

Is this real life?

Happy Monday! I thought I would start off the week by sharing some tunes from the past. I have a few other jams that I want to share with you and didn’t want to overwhelm, so I will be continuing this post later on!  Okay, let’s do this.

There are tons and tons of people who try to break into the music industry and it could end up taking years before they finally get noticed. A pertinent example: Katy Perry, she signed with four labels before “I Kissed a Girl” floated to our ears. While some of these aspiring musicians 100% deserve a record deal, there are some that should try another career path…please.

Brooke Hogan – “About Us”

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For some strange reason, I was reminded of Brooke Hogan’s single “About Us” that the wanna be singer released in 2006. Hulk Hogan must have really put a lot of people in headlocks because this song featured Paul Wall. Maybe this jam is the reason that Lil’ Weezy didn’t sign the Houston rapper to Young Money Records…just a thought.

Now I won’t lie to you, I know the chorus by heart and if this song came on at the bar, I would be on that dance floor in the blink of an eye. I love this song because it’s so catchy and Brooke is rockin’ the shades with bedazzled lenses way before Snooki ever put them on (yes, I just took Snooki’s name in vain). Some highlights from the music video:

  • Brooke is singing with a grill in her mouth. That is some serious skill…remember when grills were cool?
  • Boxer by day, dancer by night….end of the video cumulates with a DANCE OFF! Side note: I’m still trying to convince my friends to learn a choreographed dance that we can bust out at the club. Since that isn’t going as well as planned, I am in the process of taking applications!
  • Not only does Brooke win the DANCE OFF! Brooke gets to take Paul Wall home…jealous.

Favises lyrics:

“I’m just trying to live but your all up in my grill/How’s a girl to breathe with all the media starring down my mouth/With a four inch lens I just wanna hit the mall with some of my friends” (Don’t we all want to just go to the mall, Brooke?)

Even though “About Us” peaked at #33 on the Billboard Hot 100, not everyone who has heard this song feels the same as me. Her music career sorta floundered and now I haven’t heard anything from Brooke that doesn’t involve her parent’s divorce or her mom’s creepy cougar ways.

Brooke – In the words of Mean Girl’s Kevin G …Don’t let the hataz stop you from doin’ ya thang!

Celebrity Top 3

Sorry for the delay in posting! Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned you. Here we go!

Hold onto your pants…Lohan is at large

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After she plead no contest to allegedly stealing a necklace, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to some “me” time. By the skin of her teeth Lohan weaseled her way out of shacking up in a real prison and got to spend her days at home.

Well Jesus has shined his light on Lohan and has set her free. After serving 35 days on house arrest, Caddy Heron is a free woman.

While at home, Lindsay did some high quality advertising for and The National Inflation group. Now she is celebrating her freedom, turning 25 and just being Lindsay.

We want to see you out and about not trapped inside like a caged animal. Keep it together Lohan!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver…sad face

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Always looking like a solid couple, Maria Shriver has decided to file for divorce from Govenorator Arnold. After 25 years together, 4 children and a love child…Maria has had enough. Let’s be real…she’s doing the right thing. No one demeans Maria and gets away with it.

Here is what I have to say. Maria, take a page out of Carrie Underwood’s book and dig your key into his car and/or smash a baseball bat into the headlights…it will feel better.

Come back Vinny…come back

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It has been reported that the love of Snooki’s life has left “The Jersey Shore.” (Gasp!) While the shore crew just returned from Italy for season 4, they immediately jumped into filming season 5 in Seaside Heights. That constant partying can take its toll…trust me.

One of the reasons that Vinny may or may not have left the show was because of homesickness. Being away from your family for that long is not fun, but for the money they are raking in, it’s worth it.

With this news, two very important questions come to mind: 1. What will happen to MVP…will it just be MP?

2. Will there still be a special MTV special titled, “Snooki and Vinny…A Love Story?” A girl can only hope.

Hottest Hot Messes

Amy Winehouse

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Oh Amy! What else can we say about her? Recently, Winehouse had scheduled a 12 stop European tour that was supposed to begin her comeback. Well it looks like those comeback dreams have quickly died. She has recently canceled the comeback that was supposed to end all comeback.Why did Winehouse put a stop to her tour? I believe it has something to do with the fact that she was booed off stage in Serbia last Sa. According to the LA Times, she was booed for “flubbing lyrics, yelling at her band and leaving long gaps of silence during numbers.”

Amy, take some tips from B. Spears. Her weave is on point, meds are regulated and shes got a great album!

Where did that singer with the tons of Grammy nominations go? I guess they should make her go back to rehab.


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If you have ever watched “The Jersey Shore” you know that Snooki is a hot mess. From getting arrested for being extremely drunk on the beach, showing her whoo-haa pretty much daily and her drunk dials on the duck phone, the evidence is there for all to see.

Regardless of being a hot mess, she is one lovable hot mess. Snooki truly cares about her Jersey Shore family and we love her for that.

We already know of one hilarious moment from this upcoming season …Snooki crashing into an Italian officers car. Hey, she got to keep her license…point Snooki. Get ready for Season 4 of the Shore! The gang is off to Italy and it is sure to be full of ridiculousness and hilarious moments.

Stay strong Team Snooki !

Tara Reid

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Going from teenage dream to plain hot mess, we all know Tara Reid and her numerous hot mess occurrences. She had a pretty popping career in the beginning. Remember when she made appearances in “Urban Legend,” “Cruel Intentions” and “American Pie?”

I thought Miss Reid was going to graduate from teen comedy movies to more adult roles. I guess when you allegedly lose a front tooth at a party then get on the ground and search for it and then proceed to glue it back in…you have graduated to a hot mess.

While Reid denies this ever happened, it made me wonder how rumors such as this begin. I understand how rumors of a celebrity hooking up with someone starts, but losing a tooth! Let’s be real.


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