I’m on a boat…with a celebrity and a life vest…part II

It’s time to strap on your life vest once again…I’m about to reveal the second celebrity that I would like to accompany me on a cruise.

Katy Perry

Photo Courtesy: thesun.co.uk

There is one thing I know about Katy Perry…she loves a good theme and always dresses for the occasion. Show of hands…who would like to see a week’s worth of Katy’s sailor attire? I know I do.

The list of people who don’t like Katy Perry is very small. I think the reason for that is she’s always full of pep, has a positive attitude and likes to party.

Even going through a divorce, she was still smiling. No really, Katy added a smiley face next to her signature on the divorce papers. o0o0o burn.

The Part of Me” singer must have learned the oh-so-important lesson brought to you by Xtina Aguilera…when it comes to men, they can’t hold us down.

Anywho, I picture Katy bopping around the cruise deck meeting and greeting fans during the day and performing her mega-hits at night.

I recently read that Katy is finally collaborating with her bff Rihana. Hopefully Rihanna can helicopter in and perform with Katy while we are cruising the ocean blue. If not, I’m sure Snoop Dog will be on board to sing his notable verse in “California Gurls“…he can’t be that busy.

Or if we are really lucky, Kanye “I’mma let you finish” West will swim out to the boat in order to perform his verse in “E.T.

Hey, a girl can dream. See you on board!

Photo of the Day

Sometimes I stumble upon a great/horrendous/hilarious photo that evokes various emotional responses such as: sobbing, LOLing, smiley face, mean face or sad face.

The photo I chose today was in response to the sweet rapper – Snoop Dog – I’m going to see in the flesh this Saturday evening:

Photo Courtesy: fabfunny.com

I have a few things to say:

1. Where do I get a mesh basketball jersey?

2. Why is Britney Spears (spiritual goddess) hanging out with Snoop? Are they drinking gin and juice after their bball game? If so, why wasn’t I invited?

3. Does Britney only have one hoop earring in?

4. Who is that handsome young gentleman in the back? I shall call him…dimples.


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