Topless Tuesday…I mean Thursday

Since I have been lacking in my half-naked men duties this week, I have decided to showcase a gentleman that I’ve been saving for a special occasion.

Drumroll please…

Ryan Gosling

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Let me start out by saying thank you to Canada. While that may sound weird…just wait…I have a good reason. Canada has produced some wonderfully good-looking men. For example: Drake, Joshua Jackson and the oh-so-beautiful Ryan Thomas Gosling.

Hailing from London, Ontario, Ryan was born Nov. 12, 1980. School was rough for lil Ryan…he was bullied and (if you can imagine) had no friends until he was a teenager : (

Fun fact: After seeing the film “First Blood,” Ryan brought steak knives to school and threw them at his classmates during recess. Obviously, lil Ryan was suspended for that one.

Starting from an early age, Ryan loved to perform . He was even involved in ballet classes which boosted his confidence. So precious.

Ryan got his start in the entertainment business on the “Mickey Mouse Club.” He moved to Orlando for two years and even lived with cast member Justin Timberlake for a period of time.

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After the “Mickey Mouse Club” was cancelled in 1995, Gosling hoofed it back to Canada and continued to take on small roles. Officially dropping out of school at 17 and vowing only to take on serious roles at the age of 19, Ryan really jump started his career. He nabbed a supporting role in “Remember the Titans” and made waves with his performances in “The Believer” and “Murder by Numbers” which co-stared Sandra Bullock.

At this point, Gosling was still under the radar, but a little film released in 2004 titled “The Notebook” got everyone’s attention. I really don’t think I have to elaborate here.

In 2007, Ryan starred in one of my favorite Gos-Gos films…”Lars and the Real Girl.” The movie did horrible at the box office, so bad it didn’t even break-even. I don’t understand this…Ryan’s character dates a sex doll…who wouldn’t pay to see that?

As you should know, Ryan has recently starred in a ton of critically acclaimed films, which included “Blue Valentine,” “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” “Drive” and “The Ides of March.”

Since Gosling isn’t busy enough, he is also one-half of the indie rock group Dead Man’s Bones.

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Last but not least…Ryan has dated many high-profile Hollywood ladies. Let’s make a list:

  • Sandra Bullock
  • Rachel McAdams (soul mates)
  • Kat Dennings
  • Blake Lively
  • Olivia Wilde
  • Eva Mendes (his current lady)

At this point, Mr. Gosling is showing no signs of slowing down. He has many films on deck and plans to release a second album with his band.

I think he’s hustling for that “Sexiest Man Alive” title that was wrongfully stolen from him…yep still mad about that one!

Random Fact of the Day

Instead of having knowledge about world events or state capitals, my noggin is filled with ridiculous facts about those celebrities we all know and love. Since strangers on the street don’t take to kindly to me screaming, “Hey! Did you know that…” I’ve decided to publish them on the interweb.

Jessica Simpson

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The year was 1993 – the “Mickey Mouse Club” was hosting auditions for their upcoming variety show. Little did we know that 86.4% of the kids on that show would be future stars. For example, B. Spears, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling (Gos-Gos), Xtina Aguilera, Keri Russell, JC Chasez, among many others.

One name that isn’t on the list is Jessica Simpson. While she wanted to be on the show, when tryouts came around…she was beat out by Britney and Xtina…whomp whomp.

After seeing the force that was lil Xtina perform, Jessica freaked out. The ex-housewife remembers, “I froze and forgot everything.”

Poor Jessica Simpson, I feel like her whole career she’s been chasing after Spears and Aguilera. There was a point in time when Simpson was doing big things…remember the song “I Wanna Love You Forever?” It’s on my iPod (don’t judge).

I think the downward spiral began when Jessica and Nick Lachey’s relationship went to hell. Jessica kind of let herself and the music career go.

The “With You” singer has tried several things to get back in the spotlight, but nothing has velcroed yet. She does have a fiance though…point Jessica.

Jessica – Comebacks are in style theses days…

Emmys – The Funny – The Worst – The Favises cont.

I made a decision…decision made: In my eyes, the 63rd Emmys get a 96.8% success rate. But there were a few moments that I am tossing into The Worst category. Away we go!

Christina Hendricks Snub #2

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Ever since “Mad Men” debuted, I have been waiting for Joan Holloway to bask in Emmy glory. Once again, the academy did not choose Christina Hendricks as Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

After my Emmy-induced blackout subsided, I realized something quite astounding. While she has yet to achieve Emmy glory, the big guy above has given Xtina Hendricks many special gifts. Some of these gifts include, but are not limited to:

  • A rack that makes the female population obligated to hate her, but we can’t because she is so epic
  • Ginger hair that is considered beautiful, instead of creepy
  • A job that allows her to be surrounded by beautiful men all. damn. day…most importantly John Slattery
  • The chance to meet Ryan Gosling (a.k.a Gos-Gos) while co-staring in “Drive”

While I could probably go on forever about Xtina Hendricks’ talent, good looks, etc., I’ll end on the Gos-Gos high note.

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Rewinding to last evening, I thought Xtina Hendricks had that Emmy locked down. I was smiling because I was anticipating her cute, but funny acceptance speech…that was until Ducky and Ashton called the wrong name!

Okay, they didn’t exactly call the wrong name, but the Emmy did not go to Xtina Hendricks, it went to Margo Martindale from “Justified.” The opening line of her speech was, “Sometimes things just take time.”

I will admit I was mad at Margo at first, but after her speech I cried a little bit. I also texted Xtina Hendricks and said, “You’ll win next year, boo.”

Steve Carell Snub #84759453

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For the 6th year in a row, Steve Carell was passed over again by whoever votes for the Emmys. I don’t understand…his portrayal of Michael Scott could teach all of us valuable life lessons. For example:

  • The phrase “that’s what she said” is a good filler for any awkward conversation
  • If/when you hit a coworker with a vehicle…just remember it’s not your fault
  • He showed me that when a co-worker looks like they may have an alcohol problem, you drag them to rehab

After reminiscing about these funny, yet helpful life lessons, I am still amazed that Steve Carell didn’t walk home with the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series Emmy. Who did? Jim Parsons.

To be honest, I have never watched the show Jim Parsons is on…therefore, I’m on team Steve. I thought Mr. Jim would have at least said “Hey Steve, I’m giving this to you.”

I’m not the only one upset about this…Dwight Schrute feels the same. “The world of TV should be ashamed of itself that Steve Carell never won an Emmy for Michael Gary Scott. Goodnight,” said Rainn Wilson. I concur.

Steve – thanks for the life lessons, especially the one where you taught us to always have a camera handy. If the Emmys won’t give you a shout-out, go for the real gold…The Oscars.

Waiting for “Mad Men”

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I can’t believe I had to wait the entire three hour telecast to see anyone from the AMC hit show up on the stage in victory. I blame you Emmy Academy!

Lions, Tigers and Cougars…Oh My!

With another birthday on the horizon, it has occurred to me that my membership into the cougar club is rapidly approaching. For those that don’t know, a cougar is basically an older woman dating/hooking up/marrying a much younger man.

With this thought looming on my mind days before the anniversary of my birth, I have decided to highlight those women who have successfully cougared young, virile lads.

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling – 16-year difference

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In 2002, a little more than practical magic happened when these two walked on set…get it? America’s Sweetheart and the perfect man starred in “Murder By Numbers.”

Obviously, Bullock and Gosling met while filming and soon after “Murder By Numbers” was wrapped the pair went public. This beautiful couple continued rendezvousing from 2001 until 2002.

From getting to know Ryan Gosling so well these past few years, you can tell he has an old soul. He also looks to be well versed at taming cougars! Maybe he took a class or something.

While it is said that distance broke these two up, here are my parting words to this duo: friends with benefits? Hey! Just a suggestion.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher – 15-year difference

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I think Demi pissed trillions of teenyboppers off when she took Kelso off the market…who can blame her? Even with the 15-year difference, they seem to be like two peas that live in a very expensive pod.

Meeting at a dinner in NYC and talking all night long, they began dating in May 2003. After two years of courting each other, the couple sealed the deal in a Kabbalah ceremony September 24, 2005.

Alas, even amid rumors of infidelity, these two put up a united front and are totally open about the fact that they have to work on their marriage. One of Ashton’s secret romance skills…Post-Its. Interviewed by Piers Morgan, “The type of romantic is, you go to our house, I have Post-It notes placed in various locations, all with messages of encouragement or love or just thought. Some have been there, I don’t know, seven years,” Demi revealed. “Post-It notes are much cheaper than diamonds,” Kutcher added.

Kudos Demi, you give us hope that we can find a former male model that we can call all our own!

The Cougar to end all Cougars: Cher

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You had to see his one coming. Cher has dated some beautiful young men in her time. Let get started:

Tom Cruise – 16-year difference. Yep, these two hooked up and God knows what else they did. Back in the 80s, Tom dated Cher…no big deal, right? In an interview with Good Morning America in 2008, Cher revealed that Tom wasn’t a Scientologist yet. The “Believe” diva described Cruise as “just the most adorable man you can imagine.” Cher, I would follow you into the pits of hell, but I don’t know about that one.

Val Kilmer – 14-year difference. In keeping with our “Top Gun” theme, Cher also melted Val “Iceman” Kilmer ‘s heart as well. In 1983, Kilmer was Cher’s date to the Oscars. Man, the 80s were good to Cher. Sadly, this star couple split up. I wasn’t the only one upset about this; Cher’s son was blue about it too. “I really liked him. He gave me a real Indian scalp that’s like 100-years-old,” said Elijah. I’d be pissed too, dude.

And the winner is…Rob Camilletti – 18-year difference. This is the stuff of great romance. According to a 2000 article, “On her 40th birthday, she met and conquered swarthy 22 year-old commoner and Queens ‘bagel boy,’ Rob Camilletti. Some say that was perhaps the closest Cher ever came to True Love.” Along with making a cameo in his gfs video for “I Found Someone,” these two lived in sin for three years. Cher – there is no time like the present…dig your claws into another young gentleman and never. let. go.

If I could have dinner with anyone…

If you read this blog regularly, you probably know the top two stars that I would choose (or commit some extreme public act) to have dinner with: Britney Spears and/or Katie Holmes. Of course that’s not in any particular order! Since this is public knowledge, I’ve decided to branch out and choose some other famous individual.

Michelle Williams

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When she rode that taxi onto “Dawson’s Creek” in 1998, little did we know what we were in store for. I always felt that Katie Holmes outshined Michelle during the Creek era. I was a fan of Michelle’s character, Jen Lindley, but Joey Potter was my role model. (Spoiler Alert!) They even f’ed Jen on the series finale and killed her off the show. But when the Creek was officially dried up and my world ended, the tables turned in Michelle’s favor.

At 30 years young, this lady has lead quite the life. Not only was she a main character on the best teen drama ever created, but she has also been in some important films. In 2005, Michelle transformed into Alma for her role in “Brokeback Mountain.” Behind the scenes Michelle met her baby daddy. Sadly, they mutually agreed to split up 3 years later.

2010 brought Williams into the spotlight of controversy with her starring role in “Blue Valentine.” While she earned herself a nomination for best actress, the film was originally released with an NC-17 rating! This decision was appealed and the movie was available to the masses as R-rated. Personally, I think Michelle should have won the Oscar (sorry Natalie). If you haven’t seen “Blue Valentine,” watch it and you will understand. It didn’t hurt that some of the scenes were filmed in Scranton, PA either!

As of right now, I’m really pumped to see Michelle take on the challenge of becoming the infamous Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming film “My Week with Marilyn.”

Photo Courtesy:

Why do I want to have dinner with Michelle:

She has been in show business since 1993 and has managed to keep a relatively low profile. How has that happened? I think this is the reason why she’s so intriguing.

Michelle chooses films that have an impact, you actually feel different when you leave the theater. She’s very selective with her films, but even more selective with her men. While I’m partial to Emma Stone and Mr. Gosling, I’d like Michelle to throw her hat into the Gosling ring!

Photo Courtesy:

One question I couldn’t leave without asking:

What was it like getting intimate with Joshua Jackson way back when on the Creek?

Where I would want to have dinner:

Since I’m in grad school and funds are a tad bit low, I would suggest maybe the Red Lobster. It’s always a classy choice and…CHEDDAR BISCUITS!

Michelle – get at me if you want to go to the Lobster…my treat! BTW this was my favises of all of your movies!

Celebs who would be good boyfriends

3. Adam Brody

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My first thoughts when I saw this strapping young gentleman on “The O.C.” were “wow, he has great hair.” There is just something about Adam Brody, he’s a nerd, but not in that creepy – I want you to dress up and play dungeons and dragons – kind of way. The “Los Angeles Times” even crowned Adam as TV’s sexiest geek. If that doesn’t make your parents proud, I don’t know what will.

There was one particular moment during “The O.C.” that really made me fall in love. When Adam’s character, Seth, is trying to claim his lady, Summer. While Summer is working a kissing booth at their high school (did anyone really have those?) and Seth clumsily climbs up on the booth to profess his love in front of their classmates. Summer caves and climbs up next to Seth and kisses him for all to see. He really gave us fellow nerds hope!

As for Adam’s love life, he dated fellow O.C. alum Rachel Bilson for 3 years. While I felt this was a match made in heaven, this couple called it quits in 2006. Rumor has it, Adam is courting a new lady, Lorene Scafaria.

Adam – Stay cute and nerdy. It suits you well.

2. Ryan Gosling

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Mr. Gosling has cemented himself a spot in all good boyfriend lists because of what he said about his ex, Rachel McAdams. In an interview with “GQ Magazine,” “I mean, God bless “The Notebook,” Gosling says. “It introduced me to one of the great loves of my life. But people do Rachel and me a disservice by assuming we were anything like the people in that movie. Rachel and my love story is a hell of a lot more romantic than that.” Now that is a great man.

Along with being sexy, Ryan is branching out with his career. He recently took on a slightly comedic role in “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” He also likes to show off his other talents, which include music. Gosling is in a band called, “Dead Man’s Bones” with his friend Zach Shields, along with that he kills it with the ukulele.

I’ve heard rumblings that Mr. Gosling could be dating Olivia Wilde. While I’m not super excited about this, I guess I have no choice but to deal with it. Since him and Rachel McAdams (and Sandra Bullock…remember?)  couldn’t make it work, I’m really hoping for Emma Stone to get a turn up to bat. (hint, hint).

Ryan – You are the perfect man…don’t change a thing. Oh yea, and call me.

1. Joshua Jackson

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You know how they say you can’t choose the ones you love? Well I’m sorry Joshua Jackson, but I think you were chosen for me. Let me list the ways in which I am showing this beautiful man my love. 1. When “Dawson’s Creek” was still churning out new episodes on The WB, I used my mom’s VHS player to record every single episode. To this day, I have a plastic tote in my home filled with VHS tapes of every single episode of “Dawson’s Creek.” 2. I have seen/own all of his movies. 3. I have a Google Alert set up for the latest updates on my love. I think I better stop there…I don’t want to be arrested for stalking.

While it’s pretty clear that Joshua is happy with his long-term girlfriend, Diane Kruger, they even wear promise rings (knife right to the heart). I think there is only one woman I would be happy to see Joshua with and that is Katie Holmes. These two ex-lovebirds dated during the beginnings of the Creek and they sadly broke up.

In an article with the “Mirror,” Joshua said, “Myself and James, who played Dawson, never got on. We were like oil and water; it might have had something to do with James liking Katie Holmes as well. If it hadn’t been for Kate defusing the situation I don’t know what would have happened.” Let’s remember who won that contest Van Der Beek. Here’s hoping Joshua will jump in and help free Katie!

Joshua – you are my boo. That is all.

In the limelight: Emma Stone

Photo Courtesy: BSR-12

It’s hard not to notice that Emma Stone is pretty much everywhere these days. I remember the first time I saw her was in the 2007 film “Super Bad.” Emma played Jules, the cool girl in high school that everybody liked. When I saw “Super Bad,” I thought to myself, “We’d be great friends.”

I knew that Emma Stone was here to stay when I saw her film “Easy A.” This movie hopefully struck a comedy cord with you as it did me. I mean who hasn’t known someone (or really themselves) that was called a hooker or accused of getting it in with someone during your high school days. I embarrassed myself by laughing like a fool through this movie. When it concluded, I had a shocking thought: this is the only movie that has even come close to being as epically amazing as “Mean Girls.” I made myself gasp!

Let’s take a moment and absorb what I just said…Ok, you have now probably reached the stage of thinking: “How could any movie ever top “Mean Girls?” Here is one of many examples:

Anywho, back to Emma Stone being all up in our bidness (in a good way). This lucky bitch is currently staring alongside the beyond beautiful Ryan Gosling in “Crazy, Stupid Love.” It’s almost a fact that once you make out with Ryan Gosling, you are guaranteed an Oscar nomination in your future.

Later in the month, we will see Emma in “The Help” and I know she will also be staring in Spiderman part 5843957834. For this film, she made a huge commitment, she became a blonde! Women of the world, we are now obligated to go see this film and really find out the answer to the age old question: do blondes really have more fun?

Emma – keep doing what you’re doing and never forget what it was like making out with Ryan Gosling.


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