Topless Wednesday…wait a tick

Did you think I missed the hallowed day known as Topless Tuesday? Well have no fear…Kari is here!

I thought I would mix it up this week and post about this particular gentleman on Topless Wednesday instead of the typical Tuesday. This man is just that special…he has earned his own topless day of the week.

Leonardo DiCaprio

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If you have been missing in action for the past few weeks, I’ll fill you in on the most important thing you may have missed. “Titanic” was released in 3D!

Personally, I’ve been waiting 15 years for this moment and in four days I will be sitting in the movie theatre with my sweet, sweet 3D glasses on experiencing “Titanic” like never before. Yes, I realize that I am a tad late in getting my behind to the movies…blame it on the #GradSchoolProblems.

Let’s be real…who doesn’t want to see a three-dimensional shot of Kate and Leo getting intimate on the bow of that majestic ship? You all know my answer.

Anywho, Leo is an extremely well-known actor that has starred in many amazing films such as, “The Aviator,” “Revolutionary Road,” and “The Departed.” Instead of giving a brief biography on Mr. DiCaprio, I’ve decided to share some unique facts about this beautiful man:

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  • Leo’s middle name is Wilhelm
  • His film debut was in the groundbreaking 1991 film “Critters 3
  • Leo’s parents decided on the name Leonardo because his mother first felt Leo kick in the womb while she was gazing at a Leonardo Da Vinci painting
  • Mr. DiCaprio originally turned down the roll of Jack Dawson in “Titanic.” Director James Cameron convinced him to sign on and thank God he did
  • Leo recently bought an island in Belize which he plans to build an eco-friendly resort on…he’s a big fan of the Earth

Leo has recently finished filming for the highly anticipated film “The Great Gatsby.” DiCaprio will be taking on the role of Jay Gatsby, while Tobey Maguire will be playing Nick Carraway and Carey Mulligan will transform into Daisy Buchanan.

On a final note, I just want to mention that I am still on Team Kate & Leo 4ever. I really don’t understand why they are continuously slapping cupid in the face and denying their love. Therefore, I’m taking donations in order to create Team Kate & Leo 4ever T-shirts for everyone.

Leo – The rapper Drake has stated in the past: “It must be hard to be that fine” in his song “Make Me Proud.” I think he’s talking about you boo!

Celebs who would match on…part III

Kate Winslet & Leo DiCaprio

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For my final installment of the celebs who would match on series, I have chosen…Kate and Leo. Not a big surprise and I’m pretty sure I’m starting to sound like a broken record. Why do I keep bringing this up? I just don’t understand why these two soul mates are punching Cupid in the face and denying their love. I would like some answers, that’s all.

We first saw this meant to be pair in the most epic film of our time…“Titanic.” I’m going to guestimate here, I believe 1 in every 2.3 people have seen this movie. Therefore, I don’t feel the need to delve into that part of their relationship. But I will link to a clip because I have given a lot of my time to this film, so I believe everyone else should as well.

I do have to get this off my chest…Kate – I hope you flubbed the “Jack, I’m flying” scene many times (on purpose) for the sole fact that you could continually make out with Leo in that position. If you’d like to call me and fill me in on the hot gossip, I’d be willing to listen.

Fast-fowarding to 2009, Kate won a Golden Globe for her role as April in “Revolutionary Road.” If you haven’t heard of this film, I will give you a brief background. First and foremost, Leo played Kate’s husband in the film…I really wish they would stop pretending already. Anywho, this film chronicled the budding romance and marriage between Frank Wheeler (Leo) and April Wheeler (Kate). Warning: It’s pretty depressing and will probably make you reconsider marriage in the future.

Back to the Golden Globe…Kate gives a shout out to Leo and says, “Leo, I’m so happy I can stand up here and tell you how much I love you and how much I’ve loved you for 13 years…” The camera shoots to Leo and he blows Kate not one, but two kisses.

While promoting “Revolution Road,” these two lovers have said wonderful things about each other:

  • Kate told “Entertainment Weekly,” ”I hadn’t realized how much my chemistry with [Leo] since `Titanic’ would still stick. It’s great to discover we can just slip right into it (hehe), like muscle memory.”
  • Leo told “Esquire,” “Kate Winslet is one of my dearest friends. We have the ultimate trust in each other and the best intentions for what we want to do. I knew Kate before Sam even met her.”

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Moving onto the Oscars…finally God gave the world a gift we have been waiting many, many years for…Kate Winslet won Best Actress for “The Reader.”

Now we all know the Best Actress Oscar curse is real and it inevitably snuck up on Kate. Shortly after her big Oscar win, Kate and her husband (Sam) announced they were splitting up. Guess who was there for Kate through the sad times…Leo!

First Date Location: Maybe wining and dining on a yacht…they could make out shamelessly on the bow of the ship. Since Kate is a classy lady, Leo would drive/escort her home. We all know how much Kate likes backseats…oops can’t say that!

I really don’t think I have to give any more evidence as to why these two need to man up and admit their undying devotion to each other. If necessary, I will go to church and light a candle everyday for you two. Someone let me know if I need to do that.


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