Celeb couples I’d want to adopt me

Even though I’m a tad over the age of being eligible for adoption and my mom is not like a regular mom, but the coolest mom (Hi Carol!), I’d still like to explore what it would be like to become the spawn of a celeb couple.

Victoria & David Beckham

Photo Courtesy: posh24.com

To be the adopted baby of a Spice Girl and a Super Sexy soccer player is like winning the lottery…the one that Jesus controls of course.

This power couple seems extremely hands-on as parents and they treat their kids like royalty. For example, since the arrival of Harper Seven, it has been reported that their home has become a pink palace for their new baby girl. I want a pink palace god dammit!

Even though I’m not a huge fan of attending sporting events, I wouldn’t mind making a cameo at all of David Beckham’s soccer games. I would proudly wear his number 23 jersey and cheer for him when he rages out on the ref. Hopefully Tom and Katie will be there.

Photo Courtesy: topnews.in

One huge benefit to being adopted by Posh and Becks…all the cool kids in school would want to be my friend because I was adopted by a Milf and a Dilf.

I’m really praying for a sweet discount on Victoria’s fashion line. If you are the baby of Posh and Becks, you have to be on point at all times.

Victoria and David – You already have a four kids, what’s one more?…Warning…I have student loans that need some paying on!


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