Nicki Minaj – ‘Starships’

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Last Thursday Nicki Minaj released the musical video for her single “Starships.” I have finally gotten around to watching it and after viewing and reviewing the video I have two things to say:

  1. Holy crow
  2. I’ll never get those four minutes back

From the first time I heard “Starships” I have always had a bit of an issue with the song. I feel like Nicki is trying to jam three different genres into one song. Is it a pop song or a rap song…could it be house music? Does anyone know? Has anyone asked Lil’ Wayne? He might know.

The music video does not help me answer the question either. It’s basically Nicki running around on a Hawaiian beach…nothing special. There is also a spaceship and men dressed in paint and cloths. Been there, seen that.

Nicki – get it together.

Let’s Recap the Grammys

Okay, I was wrong about a few of the winners, but I was right about Adele! Hopefully these correct predictions will earn me some street cred. Anywho, here are my most memorable/WTF moments of the 54th annual Grammy awards.

5. Nicki Minaj’s ensemble

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While I always appreciate a good religious tribute…and by religious tribute, I mean something similar to “Like a Prayer,” However, I was a little confused as to what Minaj was trying to do. Was this even Nicki or was it her alter-ego Roman?

Minaj called into Ryan Seacrest’s radio show today to explain. “Well, [that religious character I walked the carpet with] is a major part of the story and the movie that I’m writing about one of my alter egos; his name is Roman,” she said.

“Basically, the religious figure is there because he was called on by Roman’s mom [Martha] to rehabilitate him.”

I have a few questions. Was that a real bishop? If so, when will the church be excommunicating him? Can I have an alter ego and commit crimes? Will my alter ego go to jail or will we both go?

If you missed Minaj’s performance, check it out here!

4. Chris Brown continues to ruin lives

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I’m not happy about this one bit. Who approved not one, but two musical numbers staring the spokesperson for domestic violence Chris Brown?

Along with that, who voted in favor of the spokesperson for domestic violence Chris Brown getting the Grammy for Best R & B album?

This was probably the worst part of the Grammys. I wish Jay-Z was there to beat his ass. No one hurts Rihanna…she’s a national treasure!

3. Katy Perry does a solid for the bitter ladies

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As we all know, Katy Perry is going through a divorce. Since us ladies have to stick together, I support Katy in whatever she does…even the blue hair ugh.

Anywho, Katy performed “E.T.” and a new jam titled “Part of Me” while wearing a futuristic latex jumpsuit. Many are saying that “Part of Me” is a huge dig at her ex, Russell Brand.

Here are some lyrics that can help you decide:

“So you can keep the diamond ring/It don’t mean nothing anyway/In fact you can keep everything yeah yeah/Except for me”

Two things: I think Kelly Clarkson may have some competition and o0o0o0oo burn!

2. J Hud’s tribute to Whitney Houston

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At first I was hoping for Mariah, Beyonce or even Xtina to be tasked with singing the Whitney Houston tribute.

When I found out it was Jennifer Hudson, I was less than pumped. But I stand corrected. After watching the performance, I was pleasantly surprised at how well J Hud did.

So I must say something…Dear J Hud, I’m sorry for doubting you. Love, Kari.

I thought the performance was simple and classy…just they way it should have been. I also have to give it up to J Hud for preparing so quickly.

1. Adele

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Obviously the leading lady of the evening was the “Rolling in the Deep” singer. She swept the Grammys winning a total of six awards and delivered an outstanding performance. How pissed do you think her ex-boyfriend is?

Grammy Noms – Prediction Time part II

We are a few hours away from Grammy time…let me share my last predictions before showtime.

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Best Pop Vocal Album/Song of the Year/Album of the Year/Record of the Year

Let’s get the obvious awards out of the way. And the winner is:

  • Adele 
  • Adele
  • Adele
  • Adele
Oh and another reason to watch the awards tonight…Adele is performing live. It’s a big deal because she just had surgery on her vocal pipes

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Best New Artist
  • The Band Perry
  • Bon Iver
  • J. Cole
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Skrillex

While I assume the masses will want Nicki Minaj to receive this honor, I think the Grammys will throw us a curve ball and choose a lesser known artist. I will let you in on a secret…for this category I closed my eyes and randomly picked. And the winner is…Skrillex.

After Googling this person…I’m not so sure about this pick so I am going to just take the punch and move on.

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Best R&B Album
  • “F.A.M.E.” – Chris Brown
  • “Second Chance” – El DeBarge
  • “Love Letter” – R. Kelly
  • “Pieces of Me” – Ledisi
  • “Kelly” – Kelly Price

ANYONE BUT CHRIS BROWN! You guessed it…still not over it. I’m going to vote for El DeBarge. He looks like he’s got some spunk and he’s been arrested…winner!

The 54th annual Grammy awards will begin at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. Don’t miss out…Kelly Clarkson will be performing.

Stuck in my Head – ‘Turn Me On’

I have to say, Wednesday is a hard day to get through, regardless of its Hump Day powers. I was thinking you might need a little boost to get through the day, so I will share with you a bitchin song.

David Guetta – ‘Turn Me On’ ft. Nicki Minaj

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Let me first say, I am not a big fan of David Guetta and I can’t figure out why. Is it because he has flowing blonde hair? I don’t know…still working on that mystery.

Regardless, I do appreciate a good song that make my head bop uncontrollably.

I first heard this song live at the American Music Awards and I was hooked. As I have been saying for quite some time, Nicki Minaj is better when she is featured on a song. Don’t get me wrong, I love “Super Bass,” but her parts on “Monster,” “My Chick Bad” and “Make Me Proud” are a bajillion times better. I hope I don’t get beat up for saying that.

Favise lyric: “I just want you to father my young”

Side note: If you find yourself at a party/bar and are looking for something entertaining, bet one of your friends to ask a gentleman if he will “father my young.” Make sure you don’t bet a lot of money though, I learned the hard way.

Topless Tuesday

I have accepted the important job of carefully selecting a topless man every Tuesday in order to please my millions, possibly billions, of fans. At times, I feel like Superwoman…having this duty thrust upon me, can’t fail or the world will be destroyed. It’s tough, but someone has to do it.

Some may wonder, “Hey Kari, how do you choose a topless man week after week?” Well, this time I googled: Topless Male Rappers. There you have it folks…my secret is out.

Trey Songz

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When I first started researching singer-songwriter, rapper, actor and producer Trey Songz, I found out something quite disturbing. Trey Songz is not his real name…gasp! It’s actually Tremaine Aldon Neverson. I’ll let that one simmer for a few.

I bet Petersburg, Virginia didn’t know what hit it when Trey was born Nov. 28, 1984. Discovered at a talent show in 2000, Trey signed a deal with Atlantic Records. In 2002, he hauled ass to New Jersey and began recording his debut album….”I Gotta Make It,” which was released July 26, 2005.

Fun Fact: Before his debut album was released, Trey released “Open the Closet.” Obviously, it was in response to R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” series. On a scale of 1 to 10…how hilarious was this series of songs? I’m going with 20. R. Kelly – Thank you for this enjoyable piece of artistic expression.

Currently Trey is working on his fifth album, “Chapter 5,” set to be released early in 2012. To be honest, Trey Songz didn’t register on my radar until I heard “Bottoms Up” ft. Nicki Minaj, a track on Trey’s fourth album “Passion, Pain & Pleasure.”

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I decided to do a little research into Trey’s musical past and found that he has some hidden gems.

For example, Trey and Drake <3 collaborated on a song called “I Invented Sex.” Thank God I chose Trey as my Topless Tuesday champion or I wouldn’t have known he invented sex!

Another song Trey and his abs were apart of…”Say Ahh.” Now wait one minute…I have shook my bon bon to this song, but had no idea that Trey was behind it. You learn something new everyday.

As a Christmas gift to his fans, Trey released a freestyle rap called “Trigga Shot Caller” a few days ago. I learned if you are trying to woo Trey…apparently he likes to be called The Triggerman.

Trey – I think I’m in love with you and I’m totally okay with calling you Trey, Mr. Songz, Tremaine or Sir Triggerman. Whatever floats your boat…just keep your top off and I’ll be a happy lady.

Non-Demeaning to Women Wednesday

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My roommates and I have a list on our refrigerator that has two columns. The column on the right is titled “Demeaning to Women” and the column on the left is titled “Non-Demeaning to Women.” We have a variety of characters on the list and (of course) I will share some with you.

In the Non-Demeaning to Women corner, we have:

  • Jennifer Lopez aka Jenny from the Block (from da Bronx)
  • Britney Spears (Obvi)
  • Rihanna
  • Spice Girls (Girl Power)
  • DJ Pauly D

As for the Demeaning to Women corner:

  • “The Bachelorette” & “The Bachelor” (Yea ABC)
  • CHRIS BROWN (Still haven’t forgotten you ass)
  • Dr. Phil
  • Dawson Leery
  • Gary and Corey from “Teen Mom”

So with this post, I would like to shine the spotlight on a person who is completing Non-Demeaning to Women acts.

This Wednesday, the Non-Demeaning to Women award goes to…


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Not only is this gentleman handsome, he is releasing his second studio album “Take Care” Nov. 15. Drake has a song on the upcoming album that is (in my opinion) finally not demeaning to women. The track is called “Make Me Proud” and it features Nicki Minaj.

Side note: I have always thought Drake was a friend to women and I’m waiting for him to put a ring on Rihanna’s finger.

Back to the topic at hand. You might be wondering why I think this song is non-demeaning to women. Here are some lyrics to prove my point:

“I know things get hard but girl you got it girl/You got it, there you go/Can’t you tell by how they looking at you everywhere you go”

“When all these motherf*ckers wanna waste your time/It’s just amazing girl, and all I can say is/I’m so, I’m so, I’m so, I’m so, I’m so proud of you”

“I like a woman with a future and a past/A lil attitude problem all good, it’ll make shit last/Don’t make it too easy girl, don’t take it too fast”

My personal favorite: “It must be hard to be that fine” (It actually is)

Thank you Drake. I feel empowered as a lady.

Stuck in My Head – ‘Up All Night’

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Drake is one man that I would follow around like a lost little lamb. I have come to realize that I have a deep love for Canadian men – Drake is from Toronto. Another Canadian I <3 is Joshua Jackson, who hails from Vancouver (just incase he reads this…a girls gotta try). But that is neither here nor there.

We were introduced to Drake in 2001 when he took on the role of Jimmy Brooks on “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” When a fellow Degrassi student shot Jimmy, Drake cruised in a wheelchair the rest of the show. I must say, he handled it well.

Realizing he was born to be a rapper, Drake dropped the acting gig and picked up a mic.

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I remember the first Drake song I ever heard…”Best I Ever Had.” One of my former co-workers played it on repeat at her desk for a full 8 hours (Yes Kathleen…I’m talking about you haha)! After that day, I knew Drake was here to stay. I also learned that if anyone wanted to torture me, Drake was not the artist that would get me to spill the beans!

After rocketing towards success very quickly, Drake released “Thank Me Later” June 15, 2010. One of the tracks that I am a huge fan of and like to play quite loudly in my Honda is “Up All Night.” It will make you feel boss even if your cruising on a bicycle…not that there’s anything wrong with that!

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Favises lyric: “Famous like a drug that I’ve taken to much of/I never ever trip/Just peace happiness and love”

It would be a sin if I forgot to mention this…Nicki Minaj guest stars on this jam. I hope I don’t get beat up for saying this, but I really enjoy her more when she is featured on tracks! Anywho, she adds a little extra umph to this song.

Favises Nicki Minaj lyric: “Bought the president the Louis presidential briefcase/Never been a cheapskate”

Drake – When you marry Rihanna, can I please be invited? I really don’t want to miss out on the R&B/Pop/Rap wedding of the century.


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