J.Lo Doesn’t Listen to You…You Listen to J.Lo…Part II

With the weekend coming to a close, I think you could use another J.Lo jam to get your spirits up before a case of the Mondays hit.

Photo Courtesy: stagevu.com

‘Jenny From The Block’

There are many, many reasons to the love this song/music video. Don’t worry, I’ll only be highlighting two:

1. Did you know that Jennifer is from the Bronx…more specifically the South-Side? Don’t feel bad if you didn’t…she reminds us every time the chorus hits.

2. One of my hobbies is reminiscing about celebrity couples from the past. J.Lo not only provided one of the greatest/awkward celebrity couples, but whored it out in the music video. Hint: Bennifer.

Even though this song is basically J.Lo telling everyone about all the great shit she has…I’m still into it. I like hearing about the rocks that she got and that she used to have a little, but now she has a lot.

Now lets discuss the most important aspect of this video…Bennifer. I have always wondered why Ben Affleck participated in this video…J.Lo must have really had his ass whipped.

I can only imagine the boatloads of harassment Affleck took after this video was released and especially after his engagement with the singer ended. I can practically hear Matt Damon asking Ben “Remember that time you slapped J.Lo’s ass on a yacht and it was in that music video?” Poor Ben.

One good thing about Bennifer…J.Lo really turned Ben from a scruffy dude to a leading Hollywood man who uses hair gel and wears expensive suits.

J.Lo – Thank you for getting Ben on point and prepping him for his next Jennifer…Garner that is.


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