“Last Friday Night”

Katy Perry, you really are a teenage dream

Special Alert: I’m only focusing this post on Katy Perry. Yes, she did something really great.

If you haven’t heard or seen by now, hopefully you are ok and not in the hospital because Katy Perry released her new eight minute music video for “Last Friday Night.” It’s floating all over the Internet and even on some of the entertainment shows. As discussed previously, Katy embodies Kathy Beth Terry, a full-on nerd. She creates a hil.ar.ious scene of an at first boring Friday night that turns into a blast.

Thanks to a makeover courtesy of Rebecca Black, Kathy goes from geek to sleek. She makes all of us nerds at heart proud when she bags the hot guy in the grade above her! Go Kathy!

Kathy’s Uncle Kenny makes an appearance playing the sax. Uncle Kenny is really famed saxophone player Kenny G. And for all of us old pop fans, Hanson makes a cameo, among many more.

This is one video you cannot miss!  Look out for my favorite Kathy quote “Oh my God he’s so hottttt.”


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