Wishes and Dreams for the New Year…part II

As the entire world knows, I would take a bitch slap and/or dropkick for B. Spears. Being on that level for Britney, many people expect me to dislike the following celebrity. I am here to tell you that is just silly. Why can’t we all be friends?

Here is my second prediction for the new year…listen up TMZ.

2012 Will be the Year of Xtina

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Let’s be real…Christina Aguilera has had a tough 2011 for a few reasons:

  • Still dealing with the divorce backlash…hoes before bros
  • Fudging the lyrics to “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Super Bowl XLV…Hey, I’d like to see you sing in front of that many people
  • Getting arrested for public intoxication…it was only for a few hours
  • Released in 2010, Xtina’s fourth album, “Bionic” didn’t do so hot…I own a copy

Now hold the phone! There were a few good things to come out of 2011. Christina landed a spot as a judge on NBC’s “The Voice.” The show was well received and is set to return for a second season Feb. 5, 2012.

Photo Courtesy: sonypspwalls.com

Along with that, Xtina teamed up with Maroon 5 on a song that plays over and over in my head, “Moves Like Jagger.” Apparently this jam is good because it was nominated for a Grammy. Finally, Xtina has landed a new bf, Matthew Rutler.

Why do I think 2012 will be the year of Xtina? Let me set the record straight. Britney Spears has had one of the greatest comebacks in the history of comebacks. That bitch crawled her way out of the pits of hell to the top of the record charts. If she could do it, so can Xtina! Now is Xtina’s chance to get back to the “Dirty” era of her fame. In order to do that, I recommend she dye her hair black again.

Photo Courtesy: blog.zap2it.com

An observation I made: When Britney dyed her hair black…she went cray. When Xtina dyed her hair black…she wore a lot of leather and did whatever she wanted. Point Xtina.

The “Not Myself Tonight” singer has revealed that she is in the studio recording a new album. Xtina has a boatload of possible material to scream about! I really hope she sings about her stint in jail, because who doesn’t love songs about jail?

Xtina – I need some more of you in my life. I really cannot go without your awesome vocals and your Xtina hand high in the air. Good luck <3

Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay

In lieu of a Celebrity Top 3 post, my focus is on the one and only La Lohan.

Lindsay bares all?

Photo Courtesy: tmz.com

It’s amazing to me that Lohan is getting so much press and she doesn’t even have a damn job!

I guess I’ll start with the Playboy shoot. Yes, you read correctly…Lohan will be on the cover and inside the pages of the January/February issue of Playboy. The “Mean Girls” star had to pose in her birthday suit not once, but twice because Hef didn’t think the first round of pictures were up to his Playboy standards. o0o0o0 burn.

“The pictorial is absolutely fantastic and very tasteful, and will be accompanied by an interview that will let readers see another side of Lindsay,” according to Lohan’s rep Steve Honig (boy does he have his work cut out for him).

I do recall a little after the first round of pictures were taken, it was rumored that Lindsay was bearing the big three…if you don’t know what three body parts I’m referring to, please ask a parent or guardian.

Alas, it looks like Lohan chickened out and it’s been reported that she won’t be completely nude.

Lindsay – No one is going to buy the issue now…I think a majority of America has already seen you partially nude.

Lindsay crashes a party?

Photo Courtesy: latestmusicbox.com

Now I have been following Lindsay and her antics for quite some time and have never been personally offended by any of her actions. But this time, you went too far Lindsay!

Let me explain. Last Thursday there was an after party for Leo DiCarpio’s (sooo handsome) new film “J. Edgar.” It has been reported that Lohan hauled ass into the party without an invite and made the other famous guests feel “uncomfortable.”

Of course Lindsay says she had an invite and complained so much that they finally let her in. The New York Post writes about one source that heard Lindsay tell security “I have to go and see Leo.” Yea I bet he wanted to see you too.

The New York Post also claims that Lindsay sent over one of her posse to ask for a picture with Leo. His security wasn’t having any of that and turned Lindsay away.

She huffed and puffed and made everyone feel awkward. In the words of Regina George…boo you whore.

Free Lohan…again?

Photo Courtesy: thfire.com

Welp Lindsay was sentenced to go back to jail. This time around, she was awarded 30 days in the slammer for violating her probation.

Lindsay strolled into Lynwood Dentition Facility at 8:48 p.m. on Sunday and strolled back out at 1:35 a.m. It was such a short stay that I didn’t even get to place my bet on how long she would be in the clink.

Side note: Last Lohan jail sentence…I won my office pool of $12. Like a boss.

After being freed, Lohan hopped into an Escalade and was home by 2 a.m. It was sort of like she went to the bar and was home by closing time. No big deal.

“She’s treated like every other inmate who has gone through similar circumstances,” County sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said. Yea okay.

Attention: Lohan is on the loose…protect your children and pets.

Celebrity Top 3

Bieber – 0 Honda Civic – 1

Photo Courtesy: autoflazh.com

Get off the road and that includes the sidewalks…Justin Bieber is on the prowl.

Picture this – You are Justin Bieber – king of the tween girls. You are cruising in your black Ferrari, blasting “My Way” by Usher and BAM! A Honda Civic sneaks up out of the blue and bumps you. What a bummer, right? Thankfully, no one was hurt. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, “No one was injured and there was no damage to either vehicle.”

How did the accident occur? The Honda Civic was trying to go around Bieber in an underground parking garage unsuccessfully.

My take on this…Bieber was probably blocking an aisle, probably trying to text Kanye and the Honda driver (rightfully) got pissed and tried to go around. There was no police report filed, but if I were that Honda driver I would have asked for some cash on the spot. For Christ sakes that 17 year old kid is cruising around in a Ferrari! You should have blackmailed that tween dream and got yourself a brand new Honda Civic or at least got his phone number so you can continuously call and hang up on him.

Team Honda Civic!

Free T.I…Again!

Photo Courtesy: akooclothingline.net

Wednesday, August 31 was a special day in my heart. After 11 long months, T.I. was released from an Arkansas jail cell…Hallelujah! After his release, T.I. took to his Twitter page and wrote, “Feels great to be back where I belong … Back in the arms of those who need me the most.”

Under the conditions of his release, T.I. was in transit to a halfway house to finish out his sentence. Since this was a special day, T.I. did what any normal person would do; he decided to cruise to the halfway house in a luxury tour bus.

Stepping off the party bus in Atlanta, it wasn’t T.I.’s fans that were  waiting for him…but the feds were. They took the famed rapper back into custody immediately.

When I heard the news that T.I. was taken back into custody, I like the rest of the planet exclaimed, “Huh?” No one really knows what happened. T.I.’s lawyer, Steve Sadow told TMZ.com, “We are awaiting the opportunity to quickly resolve whatever the issue may be that the Federal Bureau of Prisons has with T.I.’s method of transportation, bus, from Arkansas to Atlanta, so that T.I. can return to the halfway house to complete the remaining days of his sentence.”

T.I. and his entourage were probably poppin bottles, playing his greatest hits all the way from the prison and doing whatever he liked. The feds were probably jealous and decided to arrest his ass because he was living the dream and they weren’t.

I guess I’m taking my “Free T.I.” shirt out of retirement.


Photo Courtesy: okmagazine.com

Since the cast of “Dancing with the Stars” was released, contestant Chaz Bono has caused quite the stir. Many people have some series issue with Chaz being on the show. The hating got so bad that Cher, the ultimate diva had to step in. Mother Cher released a few tweets in defense of her son.

Tweet #1: “Lovelies! Chaz is Being Viciously Attacked on Blogs & Message boards about being on DWTS!,” Cher tweeted . “This is Still America right? It took guts 2 do it.”

Tweet #2: “I support him no matter what he chooses 2do!” she also tweeted. “God! will there always be haters! It took COURAGE 2 do dwts! TG Chaz has an Unlimited supply.”

Tweet #3: “Can u guys check out sites & give him your support? BTW …Mothers don’t stop Getting angry with stupid bigots who fk with their children!”

In response to his mom’s tweets, Chaz replied, “”@cher Thanks for all your support mom. The haters are just motivating me to work harder and stay on DWTS as long as I possibly can.”

What is the big deal!? Let Chaz dance his heart out. While am I hoping for Rob <3 to win, I wouldn’t mind Chaz taking the mirrorball trophy home with him. I can’t wait to see Mother Cher in the audience cheering on her son. Maybe she will even sing on that second night DWTS feels the need to take an hour to announce who is getting kicked off.

Cher- You are not like a regular mom, you are the cool mom!

Celebrity Top 3

In the spirit of recycling, in turn, saving the planet, I have decided to revive an old column I used to write for my college newspaper. The column was titled, “Celebrity Top 3” and I used to share and summarize the top three stories in pop culture that particular week. Brace yourself! Below are the top three stories of the week.

Does Jesus vote for American Idols too?

Photo Courtesy tmz.com

Season ten of “American Idol” is now complete and America has picked a winner…Scotty McCreery. Our new idol received tips and tricks from a mostly new panel of judges. Seasoned judge Randy Jackson and new additions to the panel, which included Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez (Jenny from the Block), offered up advice and guidance to the final two contestants.

In the end, McCreery beat out Haley Reinhart. “I’ve got to thank the Lord first; he got me here,” McCreery said. My personal opinion, we found the American Idol. Yes, her name is Kelly Clarkson. Look for her new album dropping this fall!

Free Lohan!

Photo Courtesy thehothits.com

Finally our justice system has tamed the most dangerous criminal known to man and woman (social justice)…Lindsay Lohan. It all stemmed from an incident at a jewelry store this past January. The “Mean Girls” star was originally sentenced to 120 days in an actual jail cell. Because of overcrowding in the prison system, Lohan will only serve 20% of her sentence or 14 days under house arrest.

She will be wearing a new piece of jewelry though, a nice new electronic ankle bracelet. Lohan had until June 17 to begin her sentence, but she honorably turned herself in early. Will this house arrest produce and new and improved Lohan? Let’s be real. I miss the days she was hanging out with Britney and Paris.

So is Gayle taking over?

Photo Courtesy mediabistro.com

An era has ended. After 25 years, the Oprah Winfrey Show has completed its run. In true Oprah style, she went out with a bang. The finale week was filled with memories, laughs, tears, and celebrities! Some of Oprah’s final words to her fans during her sign off were, “I won’t say goodbye, I’ll just say until we meet again.”

If there are some words you need to share with Oprah, don’t worry she left her email address behind. You can catch her at Oprah@Oprah.com. My next question is, will the next show to fill Oprah’s time slot be called “The Gayle Show?”

Keep an eye out for the top three celebrity stories of the week here, every Thursday! I am looking forward to sharing celebrity and pop culture stories in the future!


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