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Hold onto your pants…Lohan is at large

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After she plead no contest to allegedly stealing a necklace, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to some “me” time. By the skin of her teeth Lohan weaseled her way out of shacking up in a real prison and got to spend her days at home.

Well Jesus has shined his light on Lohan and has set her free. After serving 35 days on house arrest, Caddy Heron is a free woman.

While at home, Lindsay did some high quality advertising for www.beezid.com and The National Inflation group. Now she is celebrating her freedom, turning 25 and just being Lindsay.

We want to see you out and about not trapped inside like a caged animal. Keep it together Lohan!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver…sad face

Photo Courtesy schalaswelmo.blogspot.com/

Always looking like a solid couple, Maria Shriver has decided to file for divorce from Govenorator Arnold. After 25 years together, 4 children and a love child…Maria has had enough. Let’s be real…she’s doing the right thing. No one demeans Maria and gets away with it.

Here is what I have to say. Maria, take a page out of Carrie Underwood’s book and dig your key into his car and/or smash a baseball bat into the headlights…it will feel better.

Come back Vinny…come back

Photo Courtesy zimbio.com

It has been reported that the love of Snooki’s life has left “The Jersey Shore.” (Gasp!) While the shore crew just returned from Italy for season 4, they immediately jumped into filming season 5 in Seaside Heights. That constant partying can take its toll…trust me.

One of the reasons that Vinny may or may not have left the show was because of homesickness. Being away from your family for that long is not fun, but for the money they are raking in, it’s worth it.

With this news, two very important questions come to mind: 1. What will happen to MVP…will it just be MP?

2. Will there still be a special MTV special titled, “Snooki and Vinny…A Love Story?” A girl can only hope.

Celebrity Top 3

In the spirit of recycling, in turn, saving the planet, I have decided to revive an old column I used to write for my college newspaper. The column was titled, “Celebrity Top 3” and I used to share and summarize the top three stories in pop culture that particular week. Brace yourself! Below are the top three stories of the week.

Does Jesus vote for American Idols too?

Photo Courtesy tmz.com

Season ten of “American Idol” is now complete and America has picked a winner…Scotty McCreery. Our new idol received tips and tricks from a mostly new panel of judges. Seasoned judge Randy Jackson and new additions to the panel, which included Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez (Jenny from the Block), offered up advice and guidance to the final two contestants.

In the end, McCreery beat out Haley Reinhart. “I’ve got to thank the Lord first; he got me here,” McCreery said. My personal opinion, we found the American Idol. Yes, her name is Kelly Clarkson. Look for her new album dropping this fall!

Free Lohan!

Photo Courtesy thehothits.com

Finally our justice system has tamed the most dangerous criminal known to man and woman (social justice)…Lindsay Lohan. It all stemmed from an incident at a jewelry store this past January. The “Mean Girls” star was originally sentenced to 120 days in an actual jail cell. Because of overcrowding in the prison system, Lohan will only serve 20% of her sentence or 14 days under house arrest.

She will be wearing a new piece of jewelry though, a nice new electronic ankle bracelet. Lohan had until June 17 to begin her sentence, but she honorably turned herself in early. Will this house arrest produce and new and improved Lohan? Let’s be real. I miss the days she was hanging out with Britney and Paris.

So is Gayle taking over?

Photo Courtesy mediabistro.com

An era has ended. After 25 years, the Oprah Winfrey Show has completed its run. In true Oprah style, she went out with a bang. The finale week was filled with memories, laughs, tears, and celebrities! Some of Oprah’s final words to her fans during her sign off were, “I won’t say goodbye, I’ll just say until we meet again.”

If there are some words you need to share with Oprah, don’t worry she left her email address behind. You can catch her at Oprah@Oprah.com. My next question is, will the next show to fill Oprah’s time slot be called “The Gayle Show?”

Keep an eye out for the top three celebrity stories of the week here, every Thursday! I am looking forward to sharing celebrity and pop culture stories in the future!


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