Celebrities you should be for Halloween…part III

Betty White

Photo Courtesy: mtv.com

This beauty is a living legend…you can look but don’t touch. No really, she’ll probably kick your ass.

Since Betty has been actively acting since 1949, my memory is a little fuzzy on that portion of her life…so I’ll stick with the past few years.

Betty White has been killing it. She is currently starring on the sitcom “Hot in Cleveland” and if I do say so myself, she is the hottest lady on the show.

Along with her sitcom, she was a write-in candidate to host SNL. Over 300,000 fans joined a Facebook campaign called “Betty White to Host SNL (please?)!”  The fans won and Betty did a great/hilarious job as host. They even scheduled a suitable musical guest to go along with her personality…Jay-Z (Hova).

Betty is also adding politics to her busy schedule. How you ask? By throwing her hat into the presidential campaign ring. I don’t even need to hear a peep out of her…she’s my national treasure! Vote Betty!

The Betty White ensemble is extremely easy to put together and quite comfortable. The particular look I’m suggesting consists of:

    • Black trousers with elastic band.
    • Black but sparkly undershirt and long sleeve shirt to keep the chill out. Easily found at Macy’s.
    • A touch of ruby red lipstick.
    • Slap on a shiny necklace.
    • Don’t forget to get your hair did. Ask for the Betty…any hairstylist will know what you mean.
If you choose to dress up as Betty White for Halloween…I guarantee that your milkshake will bring all the boys to the yard.

So that concludes my Halloween costume advice. I will leave you with one thought…In the words of Lindsay Lohan, “In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” Ladies, take advantage of it.

Celebrities you should be for Halloween…part II

DJ Pauly D

Photo Courtesy: articles.nydailynews.com

Whenever I hear Pauly D’s full name (DJ Pauly D), three phrases come to mind:

Pauly D is one of those guys that loves to party and doesn’t let Jersey Shore drama stop him from doing his thing. Not only is he a bitchin a DJ, he is a beautiful young guido.

I feel this Halloween, it’s Pauly’s time to shine. I chose Pauly D as a possible costume choice for two reasons. 1. Because everyone and their mother dressed up as Snooki last year. 2. The Blowout.

For those that are in the dark…a blowout is a “hair style of choice for the guido, it usually involves short/shaved sideburns and sides with a large amount of hair on the top, usually spiked so that the wearer looks like they’ve been electrocuted.” Thank you Urbandictionary.com.

To embody DJ Pauly D, you only need a few things:

  • An extremely tight tank top, preferably black.
  • Rosary beads…can be found at any religious store or on any dude that looks like Jesus.
  • Very large tattoos all over your body…found at any tattoo parlor.
  • A large sparkling belt with a star as the buckle…found at Marshalls in the children’s section.
  • Some very expensive jeans…preferably with an exotic animal on the tag or ass of the pants.

The final and most important part of the DJ Pauly D costume is the blowout. I recommend a hair dryer that will potentially shoot flames and 30 bottles of hair gel. Below is the official DJ Pauly D step-by-step blowout tutorial…Thank God!

Celebrities you should be for Halloween

Since the Halloween holiday is rapidly approaching, I thought I might donate a few potential costumes ideas to all my loyal readers out there.

Britney Spears – The Ringleader

Photo Courtesy: dipity.com

My spiritual goddess offers up many Halloween costume ideas, including the “…Baby One More Time” look to the “I’m a Slave for You” ensemble. While I know the pop princess has many, many more potential costumes, for this post I am focusing on the ringleader outfit she embodied on the Circus Tour.

Ahh…remember the Circus era…I loved seeing B. Spears dance with lions, tigers and elephants…oh my! She certainty did the job better than any ringleader I saw as a younger lady.

Britney took her inspiration from her own lyrics: “I’m a like the ringleader, I call the shots/I’m like a firecracker I make it hot/When I put on a show.”

On the “difficulty to create all by your lonesome” scale, I rate this costume a 6. The black boots, fishnets and whip should already be hanging out in your closet.

As for the sequined mini shorts, they are probably hidden in the racks at Marshall’s or your crazy aunt has a pair that she’s been wearing since the 80s. In regards to that sweet ringleader jacket…that’s gonna take a lot of fabric and a sewing needle. Good luck!

I will say this, the hardest part will be getting that lion to follow you around all evening. Make sure you  have some cat treats in your purse.

Of course I have more costume advice for you…check back later and often!

Katie Holmes and Slutty Pumpkin now belong in the same sentence

Photo Courtesy: stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com

If you forgot to check your Katie Holmes Google Alert yesterday, let me fill you in on what’s going on in the world of Joey Potter. This classy young lady has nabbed the role of a lifetime! No, I’m not talking about Jackie O…I’m talking about a slutty pumpkin.

If you are a fan of “How I Met Your Mother,” you will know that this character has been six years in the making. If you’re like me and catch a rerun every so often, I’ll let Perez Hilton fill you in. “Way back in the first season, Ted met up with a lady dressed as the girl with conveniently carved holes at a Halloween party. Every year since, he’s waited at the same party, dressed as the same silly thing, hoping the Slutty Pumpkin will resurface into his life.”

Craig Thomas, the creator of the show, made the right decision. Katie is beautiful, talented and has a great sense of humor (Katie – answer my fan mail). Recently, she has been playing serious/scary roles…Remember, she played Jackie O and she was in “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.” Welp, after I saw that movie…I sleep with a can of pepper spray and a baseball bat to keep the monsters away.

Photo Courtesy: people.com

I think playing the role of a slutty pumpkin is just what Katie needs. This role will benefit her in the following ways:

  • It will get her out of the house (away from Tom)
  • Mingle with people her age…get it in
  • Show her range as an actress

Because of this great casting choice, I will make it a point to start watching “How I Met Your Mother.” This show really knows how to pick guest stars…first Britney, now Katie. This is my holy bible of TV shows!

Katie – I want to thank you in advance for inspiring my Halloween costume this year!


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