Grammy Noms – Prediction Time part II

We are a few hours away from Grammy time…let me share my last predictions before showtime.

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Best Pop Vocal Album/Song of the Year/Album of the Year/Record of the Year

Let’s get the obvious awards out of the way. And the winner is:

  • Adele 
  • Adele
  • Adele
  • Adele
Oh and another reason to watch the awards tonight…Adele is performing live. It’s a big deal because she just had surgery on her vocal pipes

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Best New Artist
  • The Band Perry
  • Bon Iver
  • J. Cole
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Skrillex

While I assume the masses will want Nicki Minaj to receive this honor, I think the Grammys will throw us a curve ball and choose a lesser known artist. I will let you in on a secret…for this category I closed my eyes and randomly picked. And the winner is…Skrillex.

After Googling this person…I’m not so sure about this pick so I am going to just take the punch and move on.

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Best R&B Album
  • “F.A.M.E.” – Chris Brown
  • “Second Chance” – El DeBarge
  • “Love Letter” – R. Kelly
  • “Pieces of Me” – Ledisi
  • “Kelly” – Kelly Price

ANYONE BUT CHRIS BROWN! You guessed it…still not over it. I’m going to vote for El DeBarge. He looks like he’s got some spunk and he’s been arrested…winner!

The 54th annual Grammy awards will begin at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. Don’t miss out…Kelly Clarkson will be performing.

Kelly Clarkson – ‘Mr. Know It All’

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She’s back and she’s still bitter! Yesterday, Kelly Clarkson revealed her first single off of her next album, “Stronger.”

I will tell you that I am a Kelly fan, after all she is America’s Idol. The main reason why I am a fan is because she is so damn angry toward this man or men that she keeps singing about.

In all honesty, my favorite album was “My December.” I don’t understand why people didn’t love it as much as I did.

She was all the things we love…pissed off, angry and bitter. My favises song off this album was “Never Again.” The video is what really sold me. It’s basically Kelly haunting her ex, who has left her for another woman. Huge mistake there buddy.

Why it’s so great:

1. Kelly Clarkson has inspired me to wear a bra and a blazer…sans shirt

2. It’s the ultimate revenge song…you break up with Kelly, she will haunt you

3. I wouldn’t think it would suck to see Kelly’s face everywhere…I’d get the chance to ask for her autograph

Favises lyrics: “You wrote me in a letter/You couldn’t say it right to my face/Give me that Sunday school answer/Repent yourself away” AND “I hope the ring you gave to her turns her finger green”

o0o0o0o burn!

I feel bad for the guy this song is about…it’s like Kelly wrote these lyrics as a letter and instead of snail mailing it to him, she just put it on a record because she could. That what people who are boss do.

Back to the point of this post. Since Clarkson released her new single via her website, I am obligated to share it with you. I like it. I think I liked it before I heard it, I mean it is called “Mr. Know It All.” You can tell it’s full of man-hating goodness. Click here to listen to “Mr. Know It All.”

Favises lyrics: “You don’t know a thing about me” – Damn right Kelly, you tell him!

See you on tour girl!


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