Stuck in my Head – ‘Business’

A few days ago I was cruising home from Philadelphia and decided to plug my sweet, sweet iPod in and hit the shuffle button. After a boatload of Britney and Rihanna jams, a song by Eminem ft. Dr. Dre popped up. The song is called “Business” and it encompasses a good beat and some superb lyrics. My fav: “Bitches and gentlemen it’s showtime.”

You can find “Business” on Marshall’s fourth album “The Eminem Show.” It was released July 7, 2003 and was the fifth single off the album.

I feel like you should give this song a listen for the sole fact that Eminem and Dr. Dre are using super hero language, such as:

  • “Holy wack, unlyrical lyrics Andre, you’re fuckin’ right”
  • “To the rapmobile, let’s go…”
  • “Gee willikers Dre, holy bat syllables”


Stuck in my head – ‘My Name Is’

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I’m bringing it back to the days when Eminem had luscious bleach blonde hair, wore overalls without a shirt and thought it was normal to write songs about killing his ex-wife. Ahhh….memories.

I was watching some ridiculous music countdown on the Fuse network (you know the station that still plays music videos) and Slim Shady popped up saying, “Hi, my name is.”

This jam dropped in 1999 and was the beginning of the tsunami that is Slim Shady. This single peaked at #36 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and reached the #1 position on “TRL.” Side note: Eminem was the first rapper to reach that precious goal.

The music video is what really sold me on this song. It begins with a middle-aged couple watching their television in their home on wheels. The husband (his belly button is exposed) is flipping through the channels and lands on “The Slim Shady Show.” Don’t we all wish this was a real TV show? Could you imagine the things we would have witnessed?! My imagination is running wild as I type!

Favises lyrics: “My English teacher wanted to flunk me in Junior High/Thank a lot, next semester I’ll be thirty-five/I smacked him in his face with an eraser, chased him with a stapler/And stapled his nuts to a stack of papers”

Slim Shady is so poetic.

Favises part of the music video: When Eminem impersonates Bill Clinton…I mean who doesn’t love a Clinton impersonation. Side note: was that really Monica in the music video…if not, Lewinsky has a doppelganger.

Marshall – please bring back your alter ego Slim. He was cute with the right amount of crazy thrown in. That is all.

Stuck in my head – Roman’s Revenge

I think it’s time I start sharing the songs that get stuck in my head, therefore they can be stuck in your head as well. This song creeped into my iPod and now I’ve been walking around all day saying “Raah, raah, like a dungeon dragon.” People have been staring, I even caused a point and stare while walking today.

I do like this song. Nicki Minaj and Eminem is a surprisingly odd pair. Shady even mentions this in his lyrics. “It’s Shady and Nicki Minaj/You might find the sight quite odd/But don’t ask why, bitch (Ask why not).” Point taken.

Listen to the track below and walk around proudly screamin “Raah, raah, like a dungeon dragon!”


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