Topless Tuesday

Big B


Hey Ladies, while this man may not be a celebrity to you, he is a celebrity where I work.  I’m sorry to say, this fine gentleman is taken, but he would be more than happy to show you his heart (get it?).

He likes extremely long walks on the beach, softball tournaments and Miley Cyrus. What’s not to love?

If you have a special gentleman in your life that you would like to showcase for Topless Tuesday, send them on over! Big B and I will be picking the best looking gent for your viewing pleasure.

Multitasking Songbirds

For quite some time, we have seen many singers creeping onto the silver screen. While some of these singers do a good job with their voyage into the acting world, some just offer us something to talk about, make fun of or create drinking games about. Below are some of my favsies singers who are or have been trying to gain some credibility in Hollywood.

Crossroads…It’s Britney Bitch

In her Academy Award winning role, Britney Spears plays Lucy, who is a slightly sheltered girl that graduates from high school and decides to take an impromptu trip with her old friends. Throughout the journey, the girls and the random man who drives them around, hit some bumpy spots. For example, when the group needs money to fix their vehicle. Britney and her girlfriends decide to enter a karaoke contest and end up kicking ass. Hello, Britney is a Grammy award-winning entertainer.

Another highlight is when Britney lands a man! While he’s no Justin Timberlake, he’s still bringing sexy back. If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s a must. If you don’t own it, please purchase it because Britney’s kids will eventually need college tuition.

Mandy Moore..It was a walk to remember

Mandy Moore was certainly dissed by the Academy on this one. Moore played Jamie, who was the daughter of a strict pastor that falls for Shane West’s character aka “the bad boy.” This perfect couple falls in love and when you think everything is ok…BAM you pretty much get hit by a bus!

Spoiler Alert: Mandy Moore get sick and dies in the movie! Do not watch unless you want to weep.

On another note, after Shane West finds out his lady is sick, he does everything he can to make her last days enjoyable. He even gets down on one knee and asks Jamie to marry him. As a female watching this movie I have to say one thing: THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE. Where do we find a man as good as Shane West. Ugh.

Justin Timberlake expands his social network

Even though I am on Team Britney, I do have to say JT is giving it his all in regards to acting. He’s been in a handful movies recently. He killed it in “The Social Network” and rumor has it he’s not going to be making any sweet music for some time! While I think keeping his hot beat boxing skills to himself is a sin, I don’t mind seeing him on the big screen without a top on. Point Britney for wrangling in JT.


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