Throwback – BBMak

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Ahh BBMak. What happened to these three beauties? This English pop band released their first single, “Back Here” in 1999 and I was (and maybe still am) memorized.

Are you wondering why I was so hypnotized by this band? Well, I’m going to tell you anyways.

I have found throughout my extensive research into pop bands/groups that there is always a member or two that isn’t particularly attractive. Sadly, I will not be naming names because I am trying to swing my karma in the good direction.

Anywho, my jaw dropped when I first saw BBMak on (most likely) TRL and my young self thought, “Damn.” It’s my personal belief that all three of these gentlemen are beautiful, handsome, striking, gorgeous…choose your favise adjective.

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BBMak is made up of:

  • Mark Barry – vocals and the occasion bag pipe (not kidding)
  • Christian Burns – acoustical guitar and some sweet vocals
  • Stephen McNally – electrical guitar and some more sweet vocals

Ready for this mind blow…BBMak stands for the B in Barry, the B in Burns and the M for McNally…I really don’t know when/where the “ak” part attached itself to the band’s name. I thought BBMak was chosen because the boys liked Big Macs…wrong again.

BBMak released two albums together and in 2003 decided to go solo… I can’t imagine these three beautiful men singing without each other. It’s like they are slapping the universe in the face.

Because of this travesty, I am starting a “Bring BBMak Back Here” campaign. Who is with me?


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