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Ryan Cabrera

Photo Courtesy: lovelyish.com

There are two things I remember about Mr. Cabrera:

  1. He used to have the most outrageous, yet attractive hair I’ve ever seen. Probably could store tons of junk in it too.
  2. He dated Ashlee Simpson (pre lip-syncing debacle) and got a record deal out of it. Hint: Papa Joe Simpson.

Before I get to the Ashlee Simpson era of Ryan’s life, let’s rewind to July 18, 1982. If you guessed that this is Ryan’s birthday…I have a prize waiting for you at my apartment. Head on over and ask for Baby Al or Maria (those are the cats…they run this town) for assistance.

Anywho, Ryan was born in Dallas, Texas, his middle name is Frank and he is Colombian…into it.

Ryan caught a break in 2001 when he was signed to Atlantic Records but didn’t release his debut single until May 2004. The name of the song will probably bring back some sweet, sweet memories…”On the Way Down.” I was into this song…hard. But Ashlee Simpson had to ruin everything and make an appearance in the video…ugh.

In August 2004, Ryan’s (second) album “Take It All Away” was released and Carson Daly was predicting big things for Mr. Cabrera. During the first week of the album release, “Take It All Away” sold over 66,000 copies an eventually was certified double platinum. Two additional singles were released off this album: “True” and “40 Kinds of Sadness.”

Now that I have refreshed your memory…what the hell has Cabrera been doing since 2004?

In 2005, Cabrera released his second studio album “You Stand Watching” that included singles “Shine On” and “Photo,” which is based on his relationship with Ashlee Simpson. The album peaked at number 24 in the U.S.

Photo Courtesy: eyeball.fm

It took until 2008 for Cabrera to release his third studio album titled, “The Moon Under Water” which peaked even lower at 177…o0o0o0 burn.

I guess Ryan filled his spare time with all the ladies he previously dated. Besides Ashlee, Ryan was linked with Lisa Origliasso from The Veronicas, Riley Keough (Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter) and Audrina Patridge. At least his relationship with Audrina got him some TV time on “The Hills.” He was also spotted on that brief reality show “Pretty Wild.” Remember that one?

Recently, Cabrera has been laying pretty low. The last Cabrera spotting was back in Oct. 2011. The singer was partying his face off at The Roosevelt. Hey at least we know he’s not dead and he’s still rocking that sweet, but awkward hairdo.

Ryan – it’s time for a full-on comeback…consult B. Spears for further directions.

Remember When…

Now is the time of year when students are graduating and heading off into the “real world.” Right before graduating from college, my friends and I would reminisce by kicking around our favorite “Remember Whens.” In honor of all the graduating students, we want to share our favorite celebrity remember whens.

Remember when Paris, Lindsay, and Britney were friends?

Photo Courtesy Daily Mail

Towards the end of 2006, Britney Spears was single and ready to mingle. Spears teamed up with Paris Hilton, who was known for dancing on tables and Lindsay Lohan who was a veteran to the party scene. It was the hot mess express coming through.

The girls were seen at clubs, cruising around all night and showing up at celebrity hot spots like the Beverly Hills Hotel. While many expected this behavior from Hilton and Lohan, many were surprised to see Spears alongside them. She is a mother of two boys. Sadly, the dream team couldn’t last forever. Spears ended up in rehab and in an emotional blackout, Hilton was thrown into the slammer, and Lohan was incarcerated and tossed into rehab!

Remember when Ben Affleck was going to marry J.Lo?

Photo Courtesy MTV.UK

We all recall when Ben Affleck tried to fool us by marrying Jennifer Lopez. I’m not saying he wasn’t good enough for her, but their relationship felt weird. Dubbed by the media as “Bennifer” the couple attracted worldwide media attention when they began dating in 2002. Meeting on the set of “GiGi,” the couple was soon engaged and set to marry in September of 2003. A few hours before the ceremony, the wedding was called off and they officially split in January 2004.

We have to give it to these two; they did last longer than anyone ever imagined. J.Lo made sure we would remember “Bennifer” forever. Affleck made a cameo appearance in her “Jenny from the Block” video and she even wrote a song for her man, titled “Dear Ben.” A classy slow jam, J.Lo proclaims lyrics such as “I love you, you’re perfect/a manifestation of my dreams.” I bet Affleck’s current wife, Jennifer Garner isn’t a fan of “American Idol” anymore.

Remember When Ashlee Simpson got caught lip-syncing on SNL?

Photo Courtesy People.com

In 2004, Ashlee Simpson, sister of Jessica, was the musical guest on “Saturday Night Live,” the keyword being live. Simpson was set to perform a different song, but “Pieces of Me” started playing instead. Suddenly the audience heard Simpson singing but she wasn’t moving her lips! Gasp!

When Simpson realized what happened, she began to move awkwardly and then just walked off stage. Cut to the end of “Saturday Night Live,” Simpson and host, Jude Law, attempted to smooth this over. “What can I say it’s live TV,” said Law, while Simpson tried to blame her band. This was the beginning of the end of Simpson’s music career.

While there are thousands of “Remember Whens” that could be shared, here are just a few of my favorites. Here’s to looking forward to many more celebrity moments that we won’t forget. Remember celebrities, we are watching.


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