Remember When…We Went ‘From Justin to Kelly’

Today, the Encore channel made my day and decided to show the classic film From Justin to Kelly. This 2003 musical romcom stars Kelly Clarkson (aka America’s Idol) and Justin Guarini (America’s runner up Idol) and it tells the tale of two spring breakers who are into each other, but obstacles keep popping up and block their love. It’s literally frustrating.

Don’t remember this spring break classic? The trailer will surely refresh your memory:

In case that piqued your interested, the movie is roaming around on the web just waiting to be watched for free! But before you type that in on Google, I’ll be honest, From Justin to Kelly didn’t do so well at the box office. The movie only grossed $4,922,166 to be exact. The critics considered this movie a total fail and it’s considered one of the worst movies of all time. :(

Now, I’d like to note that American Idol‘s legal team made Kelly and Justin go through with this. I’m hoping they had a blast and partied like they were on spring break…because some parts of this movie are a bit awkward. It’s totally clear that Kelly and Justin were not into each other in a romantical way whatsoever. But there is one good part to this movie…all the great musical numbers!

 Here is my favorite jam from the movie’s soundtrack. It’s called Timeless and this clip is the duo performing it live!

I’d like to note that I’m not completely delusional. I know this movie isn’t the greatest, but can’t we all just sit down and enjoy it for what it is? You can’t blame Kelly either…it’s not like she tried out for an acting show, I mean Kelly Clarkson was on American Idol. Girl knows her strengths.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where this movie is on the TV, I’d recommend creating your very own drinking game. You can get real wild and enjoy America’s Idol.

P.S. If you want to know how I really feel about American Idol, please read my post! It really is all Seacrest’s fault.

It Isn’t Called ‘American Idols’

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Deep, deep down, I’ve always had a great disdain for the singing competition show American Idol. The great disdain did not start budding until season 2, when I realized the show was still continuing to search for an American Idol.

For those that do not remember, let’s go back, back to 2002 when American Idol debut on Fox. There was a girl named Kelly from Burleson, Texas who sang her face off for the judges (Randy, Paula and Simon) and really made an impression. Paula was probably in a self-induced coma, but at least Simon and Randy were paying attention.

Anywho, Kelly impressed America so much that she was crowned the winner of American Idol. If you aren’t picking up what I’m dropping, see the News Flash below.

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News Flash: They found America’s Idol in season 1 and her name is Kelly Clarkson! Case closed, Idol found, show over.

Well I guess I’m the only one who thought that America needed one Idol. We are currently gearing up for season 13 and this season is equivalent to the beating of a dead horse. Let’s be real, J.Lo is doing it for the money, Harry Connick Jr. has nothing else going on now that Will & Grace is over and Keith Urban just wants to get a look at J.Lo’s backside.

As I said earlier, my great disdain for this show started budding in season 2 and has continued to grow until now. So why did I wait this long to express my feelings? Two words: Biggest Loser.

I took a hard right turn there, didn’t I? I’ll explain. One of the contestants on this season of Biggest Loser is Ruben Studdard. You may remember Ruben from season 2 of American Idol…he actually won. Well, Ruben was booted off Biggest Loser because he was below the red line. Sad, but totally fair.

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Next thing you know, the Biggest Loser host made an announcement saying that Jillian Michael’s team cheated by drinking energy drinks and then Ruben magically appears. Now I’m all about Ruben getting on the healthy track, but I think this was totally unfair to the other contestants who did not win American Idol. Yea, I said it.

So this is the spark that reignited my hatred for American Idol. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful  every day for Kelly Clarkson and the way she was discovered, but the show is called American Idol and not American Idols. Now that I think about it, this is all Seacrest’s fault.

Ok, rant over. Thank you for listening. I’m ready for the angry fan mail.

Get It Kelly

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Kelly Clarkson’s new music video for “Dark Side” has hit the Interweb!

While I was praying for “Let Me Down” to be the American Idol’s third single off “Stronger,” I’ll admit that “Dark Side” is a good jam…especially when you have the privilege to hear it live. You can really hear that famous Clarkson rage.

Anywho, the video isn’t a favorite of mine, but I have to support Team Clarkson and show it to my millions of followers! And by millions…I mean my mom, roommates and the cats <3

I have to say, Kelly is looking good! Get it girl.

J.Lo Doesn’t Listen to You…You Listen to J.Lo

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Every once in a while I get on a certain musical artist kick.

During this kick, I basically listen to one artist over and over until my roommates can’t stand it anymore. Obviously, I don’t get sick of the music..hence the kick. This month I am on a J.Lo/Jenny from the block/Jennifer Lopez/Selena kick.

J.Lo has provided me, along with the world, great jams that have the ability to fill the void in a variety of occasions and moments.

Below I would like to highlight a few of my favorite J.Lo jams.

‘Waiting for Tonight’

Who hasn’t gotten up on a Friday morning and thought “God, I can’t wait for tonight.” I do this everyday…even on Mondays.

“Waiting for Tonight” is one of those songs that you play at the party, before the party. Whenever this song comes on, I automatically turn on my green laser strobe lights, whisper inappropriate phrases in Spanish, glue jewels over my whole body and dance my face off in a manner that would make J.Lo proud.

If you recall, “Waiting for Tonight” was release in 1999. Yes, that was before we called Jennifer J.Lo! Even though it’s over 10 years old, this song still entices people to anticipate tonight and try to dance like Jennifer…but fail miserably .

J.Lo – with “Waiting for Tonight” you officially earned my endorsement. Get it girl.

Stay tuned…there’s more J.Lo coming up…

Britney and Simon sitting in a tree…

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NY Daily News is reporting that Team Britney and Team Simon have finally reached a deal that will result in getting Britney’s ass on “The X Factor.” Britney is set to fill one of the open seats at the judges’ table left open by Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.

My spiritual goddess will be getting $15 million for sitting at a table and judging people…I bet J.Lo is pissed, she only rakes in a cool $12 million on “Idol.” As for Paula Abdul’s previous salary, Simon only gave her $2.5 million. Talk about jipped.

According to the NY Daily News article, “The fact that she’s [Spears] one of the most talked about — not just pop stars, but people — in the world today means that you’ve got this star power,” Cowell told Billy Bush in February on “The Billy Bush Show.” “She’s still hot, she’s still having hit records, and she’s still controversial. There’s a reason for that,” said Cowell.

Looks like I’m watching “The X Factor” now.

Bitter with a Splash of Anger

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In anticipation of seeing Kelly Clarkson this Sunday in AC (aka the Vegas of the East Coast), I have been listening to her new album “Stronger” along with some of her classics.

Since I am 84% bitter, Kelly and I get along quite well. Many of her singles are brewing with anger but they have an upbeat tempo. What’s the point of writing a man-hating/bitter/want to beat someone with a shoe kind of song if it sounds happy?

That’s where I come in. Kelly really didn’t let her bitter side show until her second album ” Breakaway.” That’s when it all came out.

I have listened to possibly every Clarkson song that she has released and I am here to give you the top four most bitter jams by the one and only American Idol.

‘Hear Me’

Track #11 on “Breakaway” this hidden gem is Clarkson at her bitter best. She just wants someone (a man) to hear her. Snookin’ for love isn’t easy. After hearing this song, you will hear Kelly, her voice is amazing.

Favise lyrics: “Are you listening?”


Listed as lucky number six on “My December,” I think the title of this song says it all. If I ever meet the man who inspired Kelly to write these lyrics, I will roundhouse kick him in the face.

Favise lyrics: “Couldn’t believe, couldn’t believe/How you deceived, you deceived/I never thought you’d do that to me”

‘Let Me Down’

As you can probably tell by the title, it’s another uplifting jam by K. Clarkson that lands at track #11 on “Stronger.” I believe Kelly is talking about a potential bf and when she needs this man, he is not there for her. What a fool.

Favise lyrics: “The funny thing about forever/Is it comes with a side of never never” AND “You’re only gonna let me down/When it counts, you countdown”


Last but certainly not least, “Addicted” takes spot six on “Breakaway.” I have made a decision, decision made: “Addicted” is Kelly’s best song ever! The “American Idol” winner has since put out three albums and no song has come close to “Addicted.” If you listen to the lyrics, it probably explains why I’m afraid of commitment…oops can’t say that.

Favise lyrics: “It’s like you’re a drug”

Kelly- I hear your pain, girl! See you Sunday. Get ready for me to bum rush the stage <3

Non-Demeaning to Women Wednesday

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In honor of Non-Demeaning to Women Wednesday, I would like to share with you the new music video by Kelly Clarkson…”Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” is the 2nd single off Clarkson’s 5th studio album “Stronger.”

If you are wondering why I chose Kelly as the Non-Demeaning to Women Wednesday winner…you deserve a slap across the face.

Kelly Clarkson is the definition of Non-Demeaning to Women. She doesn’t care what you say about her fluctuating weight and will not let any man sass her.

Personally, I think she could kick my ass and I’m weirdly alright with that.

Below is Clarkson’s newest music video for “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You).”

I have a few things I would like to say about this video:

  • Kelly is looking good these days. I’m feeling the bangs.
  • I’m not really pumped about the fan videos that are sprinkled throughout, but since Kelly is such a nice person I can see why she did it.
  • Flash mob starring the American Idol…love it.

While this video is ok, I’m not in love with it. Whatever happened to the music videos that Clarkson would release that had a storyline? For example, “Never Again,” “Behind These Hazel Eyes” and “Since You’ve Been Gone.” I really felt Kelly’s pain when I watched these.

As for the 3rd single, I’m really pulling for “Let Me Down.” This song is Clarkson at her man-hating best. She let’s us know that: “You’re only gonna let me down/When it counts, you countdown/You’re only gonna turn me out/As I burn, you burn out.” So profound.

Kelly – In my eyes, you are the one and only American Idol. I don’t understand why Seacrest and J.Lo keep searching for another one season after season. They already found you! See you in AC, girl!


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