One Step Closer To Fame

Yesterday, I tweeted actress Leslie Bibb and told her how much I loved “GCB” and how pissed off I am that the show was cancelled. Surprisingly, she sent me a direct message via Twitter! This means two things:

  1. People actually do read my tweets.
  2. I’m a celebrity by association!

So here is me officially endorsing Leslie Bibb…forever!

P.S. If you haven’t signed the Save “GCB” on ABC petition…get on it!

Operation: Bring Back ‘GCB’

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There was exactly one damn thing I looked forward to on Sunday evenings…sitting on the couch and enjoying an episode of “GCB.” If you haven’t heard…I’ll be the bearer of bad news. ABC has cancelled the show…what bitches!

“GCB” is a comedic TV series that is loosely based on the novel “Good Christian Bitches” by Kim Gatlin. The show stars Leslie Bibb, Kristin Chenoweth, Annie Potts and a whole slew of other hilarious ladies and gentlemen.

The main storyline propelling the characters of “GCB” is the return of former high school bitch Amanda Vaughn to her hometown of Dallas, Texas. Moving home lands Amanda back in the presence of her old high school friends who still hold feelings of resentment towards her. What makes this show so hilarious is the religious undertone.

Honestly, that’s why me and my sweet, sweet mom love this show…as for members of the Catholic church…I’m going to guess that they do not feel the same. But, if you know me, you know I love a good Jesus joke which is why I gave this show the Kari stamp of approval.

Watch the clip below and you will understand why.

Last week, ABC did something equivalent to slapping me in the face and cancelled “GCB.” Can you hear America and some parts of Europe gasping?

Basically, “GCB” had a little hiccup in their ratings and ABC cut the show off at its knees. The network cancels “GCB” but it keeps “Wife Swap.” Really!?

Anywho, Wendy Williams has started an online petition to SAVE GCB! Since I always practice what I preach…I signed it and you should too!

Please sign and give me something to look forward to on Sunday evenings…I don’t want to watch “Wife Swap.”

Remember When…

Jennifer Garner was a secret agent?

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Ever since my childhood, I wanted to be recruited by the CIA, wear sweet spandex/leather outfits and save the world in a 60-minute time frame. I am still waiting for the CIA to call, but in the meantime I’ve been training by jumping from my loft bed to the floor while holding an egg on a spoon. Let’s just say, I am 0 for 176.

You’re probably thinking, “didn’t most girls dream to be a princess or the first female president (like Hillary Clinton did)?” Yes, most girls did, but I am not your typical lady. My secret agent dreams stemmed from one woman…Jennifer Garner aka Sydney Bristow and the ABC action/drama “Alias.”

Beginning Sept. 30, 2001 and wrapping up May 22, 2006, “Alias” tells the story of Sydney and her career as a secret agent, black ops agent, double agent, etc. I know that seems like an extremely simple summary of five action-packed seasons, but simple is not a way to describe this show.

“Alias” is one of those that you have to watch from the very first episode and not blink for the entire series. If you blink you will miss something and be lost forever. J.J Abrams is the creative genius behind “Alias,” so it was meant to be a mind blow.

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Along with Jennifer, “Alias” had a bitchin cast:

  • Victor Garber played Jack Bristow…an actual Canadian silver fox…can’t get better than that
  • Michael Vartan took on the role of Michael Vaughn…on the show he was Sydney’s beau and in real life he dated Jen Garner
  • Bradley Cooper played Will Tippin…he played Syndey’s bff…but Cooper’s character was placed in the witness protection program after season three and was rarely seen…boo

Liking this show was a tad out of character for me, but here are a few reasons why I was glued to ABC when Sydney and company were kicking ass:

  • The entire series was empowering to women…point Jennifer
  • The double and triple super secret agents taught me how to repel down the side of a building
  • I learned that memory loss can occur to the point that you forget who your fiancé is and it could take an ENTIRE season to figure it out…ugh
  • Secret agents wear sweet costumes
  • Watching Jennifer beat the hell out of grown men makes a nice way to end a long day

If you are looking to watch past the time, I highly recommend re-watching/renting/streaming “Alias.” The cliffhangers were so intense that I still have trouble sleeping. This was a piece of TV gold and I’m actively campaigning for a movie reboot!

Jennifer – Thanks for the memories and planting the secret agent dream in my mind. If you could do me a favor and place a good word with the CIA…I would be forever grateful. I must go back to training. See you at the baby shower!

What will fill the ‘Pan Am’ time slot…in my heart?

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[Enter sad face here] If you haven’t heard the news, “Pan Am” is pretty much kaput and I am blue over this news.

Hopefully you have all seen a clip or the entire series thus far of ABC’s period drama/historical fiction show “Pan Am.” Sit down because I’m about to tell the truth. I have watched every episode and have loved it. I am currently involved and invested.

I have to admit before “Pan Am” aired and the promos were haunting my dreams, I was on the brink of giving the show a “demeaning to women” stamp. But after watching a total of eight episodes, I have noticed the following things:

  1. Flying is just not the way it used to be during the Pan Am era. Yea, I’m talking about you AirTran.
  2. News Flash: Smoking is currently not allowed on planes. And don’t even think about tampering with the smoke detectors in the ladies lounge. You will be escorted off the plane and not by a fine gentleman, more like a federal agent who is mean.
  3. Not all flight attendants are female. There was a dude flight attendant on my last flight who dropped a bag of peanuts on my head and I didn’t even get a free drink!
  4. I’m about 87.9 percent sure that flight attendants aren’t doing secret missions for the CIA, but you never know…

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Mind blow alert: The character of Kate, played by Kelli Garner, also appeared in the Gos-Gos classic “Lars and the Real Girl.” Hint, she’s not the anatomically correct doll. You go, Kelli!

I’m making a decision, decision made…I am going to exercise my right to protest and head over to ABC and holler “Pan Am is a national treasure and you better keep it on the air” repeatedly.

I can tell you now my voice will eventually stop working so I will need backup. Get at me if you’d like to protest with me. I have even started collecting cash money for art supplies in order to create some pro-Pan Am signs. Who is with me!?

If you are still on the fence…come out an protest with me for the simple fact that if we let this show silently slip away, it will be decades before we see Christina Ricci again. Okay, that’s not true, she has a couple of movies coming down the pike, but it’s nice to see her face once a week.

ABC – prepare yourself for hurricane Kari…no one puts “Pan Am” in a corner.

Dear *Fill in Celebrity Name Here*

I have recently thought that it would be a good idea to start sending actual letters to celebrities. I have many thoughts that need to be shared. Since stamp prices have gone through the roof, why not use this blog to get their attention and save some trees! Todays letter is dedicated to Marc Anthony.

Dear Marc Anthony,

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How are you? I am fine. I see that you are doing a tell-all interview with John Quinones airing September 1 on ABC. How big of a blackout do you think J.Lo is going to be in after it airs? I hope you got enough cash money from ABC in order to buy a really big bodyguard. I can’t see you doing well in a fight against your ex-lady; she is from da Bronx after all.

I always thought you were J.Lo’s soul mate; it certainly wasn’t that backup dancer guy. Oh yea, and you left your previous wife for Jennifer…remember? If that doesn’t say love, I don’t know what does.

After 7 years together and twin babies, you guys were headed for a beautiful retirement home, shuffleboard and bingo. What happened? I heard a few rumblings that you may have cheated on our precious Jennifer. Marc – she is like Santa, she knows all. You accidently leave one of the babies at the grocery store – she knows, you stay up late to watch reruns of the Kardashians  – she knows, you cheat – she knows.

I watched the teaser for your interview and I’m slightly upset that you may be throwing Jenny from Da Block under the bus. You say you didn’t cheat on her, that “It was a realization on both our parts. So you know it wasn’t shocking. These things happen. It was a decision that we made jointly.” Wasn’t shocking? I was so shocked that I bruised my tailbone from falling out the chair I was in.

I have another bone to pick with you. What’s the deal with Jada Pinkett Smith? You know that part in her name that says “Smith?” That’s Jada’s

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married name! Did you know that “Life & Style” is saying, “Marc said Jada was so sexy because she was in great shape and had this tough attitude, which he loves.” First of all, J.Lo is in killer shape…maybe you should take off those creepy sunglasses you always wear and open. your. eyes!

Marc – I do have to say that I don’t completely hate you. I really liked the song you did with Pitbull titled, “Rain Over Me.” My favises part of the video is when you two gentlemen are dancing in the desert together.

I just want to let you know that I will be tuning in and critiquing every second of your tell-all interview. For the record, I am on team J.Lo.

Love always,


P.S. You don’t divorce J.Lo…J.Lo divorces you.


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