Happy Holiday!

No, I don’t mean Thanksgiving or Hanukkah…I mean the day Britney Spears was born!

Photo Courtesy: www.freefever.com

Photo Courtesy: http://www.freefever.com

Today is Britney’s 32nd birthday and I am so happy that Brit has made it another year. Let’s be real, it was getting a bit dicey back in 2007 : /

Anywho, I’m spending the evening celebrating with my cat. We are getting wild like it’s 2007!

Don’t forget, Britney Jean (Britney’s 8th studio album) is out tomorrow. I will be listening to it from 8:30 am until the early evening. Feel free to check in and get my opinion. Who are we kidding, I’ll probably say it’s the best thing I’ve ever heard.

Happy Birthday Brit! I love you.

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Happy Birthday Wiz Khalifa

Today is a good day. It’s Wiz Khalif’s 25th birthday!

Photo Courtesy: www.xxlmag.com

Photo Courtesy: http://www.xxlmag.com

Wiz aka Cameron Jibril Thomaz was born in Minot, North Dakota. Is it hard for anyone else to believe Wiz was born in North Dakota?

Anywho, I think Wiz is just so cool. He’s literally covered in tattoos, he smokes a boatload of pot (Wiz has stated he spends close to $10,000 a month on pot) and he just seems like a fun guy to hang out with and discuss the meaning of life.

Since I can’t actually celebrate with Wiz in person, I would like to commemorate the day by sharing my fav Wiz jam…

Remember You ft. The Weeknd

The video take a hard right about fifty seconds in but the song is good. Wiz will be releasing his fifth studio album by the end of the year. It is called Blacc Hollywood and Wiz teamed up with Adele and everyone’s favorite pop star…Miley Cyrus on some tracks. I bet you can’t wait for this album!

Wiz, I hope you are enjoying your birthday with your lady Amber Rose and your new son! If you are ever in Philly and need a place to stay, I got you. Hopefully you’re not allergic to cats!

Happy 6th Bday Suri Cruise!

Photo Courtesy: articles.nydailynews.com

Ladies and gentlemen…it’s time to strap on your fanciest pair of heels…it’s Suri’s birthday.

The fashion-forward offspring of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has turned six-years-old today! I can’t believe it’s been six years…goodness I’m getting old.

Every year that goes by Suri is (thankfully) looking more and more like my second-in-command spiritual goddess – Katie Holmes.

Suri – I’ve been patiently waiting for my invite to your birthday party…I’m actually typing this blog post next to the mailbox right now. Did my invite get lost in the mail again?

Happy 54th Bday Alec Baldwin

Photo Courtesy: thefilmstage.com

54 years young and still cute as a button! Alec is having a pretty good week so far. Along with celebrating his day of birth, he is also celebrating his engagement (much to my disappointment).

Baldwin’s fiancée Hilaria Thomas is a 28-year-old yoga instructor and yoga studio owner. The couple has been dating a little over a year and got engaged over the weekend. Alec has confirmed that the rumors are true…ugh.

This will be Alec’s second marriage…he was previously hitched to Kim Basinger for nine years. You remember that extremely public divorce, right? How could anyone forget?

Alec – Happy birthday to you…I will be popping out of your cake later this evening. Surprise!

Happy Birthday Kelly Kapowski!

Photo Courtesy: uniquecustom.info

If you don’t know who Kelly Kapowski is…I really don’t know how to help you with that. But if you do know her…it’s time to celebrate!

Okay, okay it’s not really Kelly Kapowski’s birthday…but it is Tiffani-Amber Thiessen’s 38th birthday! Tiffani is best known for her TV roles on “Saved By the Bell” and “Beverly Hill, 90210.”

In 1974, the birthday girl was born in Long Beach, California and grew up to be an actual beauty queen.

In 1987, Tiffani was crowned Miss Junior America and won the “Great Model Search” sponsored by Teen magazine. Winning this contest landed Tiffani on the cover of the mag and helped her obtain the biggest role of her life…Kelly Kapowski.

When Tiffani was 15 she auditioned for “Saved By the Bell” and won the role! Let me tell you, I would not be the woman I am today without Kelly Kapowski!

When “Saved By the Bell” sadly ended after those awkward college years, Aaron Spelling scooped Tiffani up and dropped her into the 90210 zip code. Tiffani played Valarie Malone who is described as “unwholesome and emotionally troubled.” The best kind of character.

Photo Courtesy: itsthelittlethingsblog.blogspot.com

After her time in “Beverly Hill, 90210” was up, Tiffani starred in a boatload of made for TV movies and now she is currently starring on USA’s “White Collar” with the beautiful Matt Bomer.

Let’s get personal…back in the day Tiffani dated Brian Austin Green aka Mr. Megan Fox and was engaged to Richard Ruccolo…that guy from “Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place.” It didn’t work out with Richard…this gave me hope that Mark Paul Gosselaar was still an option.

Much to my dismay, Tiffani married Brady Smith in 2005. They also have a baby together named Harper.

On that note…let’s relive the good old days…and remember there is no hope with dope!

Tiffani – Happy Birthday! Thanks to you, I’m still looking for my Zack Morris.

It’s Britney’s Birthday, Bitch!

Photo Courtesy: suhunews.com

Happy 30th birthday, Britney! These last 30 years have been magical and I cannot wait for the next 30.

Oh yea, call me!

Happy day of birth Kate Winslet

Today is a day for celebration. Why you ask? 36 years ago today… Kate Winslet was birthed!

Hopefully your company and/or institute of higher learning gave you the day off…it is a national holiday afterall. I will also make the argument that many companies and schools close up shop for December 25th in honor of another birthday…you know who I’m talking about. It’s only fair that we have Kate’s bday off.

Born and raised in Berkshire, England, Winslet is one of four children. Kate has been crafting her acting skills since she was a child. 1991 was when Kate made her acting debut on British television. The first film that Kate graced with her presence was “Heavenly Creatures” in 1994.

Photo Courtesy: moviestarring.blogspot.com

You may have seen this fantastical woman in such films as “Titanic” (personal favise), “The Reader,” “The Holiday” and the list goes on and on and on. She also won some pretty big awards in her time.  Kate has a Golden Globe, an Oscar and an Emmy on her mantle. I’m starting the Kate Winslet wins a Tony campaign on Friday…send me a smoke signal if you want to join the revolution.

She has many other talents besides acting. Kate is a cool mom, a sweet tap dancer, a lifesaver and is totally okay with flashing her lady lumps on the big screen. You go girl!

P.S. Winslet and her breasts have been endorsed by Oprah…need I say more?

Dear Kate – you are a classy and unforgettable woman… I hope you are partying your face off today. Call me if you need a designated driver.Hopefully you will see Leo in his birthday suit tonight! Love – Kari

Happy Bday Madonna!

I would like everyone who lays his or her eyes on this blog post to take a moment and thank Jesus for the force that is Madonna. Why am I asking that? Today is the day that she was birthed!

There are about a bajillion reasons why the entire universe should be thankful for this woman, but I shall only go through a few.

When Madonna dated Jesus…no not that Jesus

Photo Courtesy: socialitelife.com

I believe it was late 2008 when rumors of Madonna and model Jesus Luz started to surface. These two met on a photo shoot for “W Magazine” and we can’t blame Madge for trying!

The 28-year age difference didn’t stop these two from flaunting their love (or whatever they had together). Jesus even met Madge’s children and began practicing the infamous kabbalah faith.

Sadly, Jesus and Madonna ended their fling in early 2010 because they had nothing in common…bummer.

When Madonna was ‘Like a Virgin’ in 1984 and in 2003

Photo Courtesy: wallpaperjunctiondownload.blogspot.com

Since we haven’t seen this performance six million times! Alas, there is a reason for the constant repeating. Right when MTV was really becoming a staple in popular culture, Madonna strapped on a wedding gown and rolled around the stage belting out her famous lyrics, “Gonna give you all my love, boy/My fear is fading fast/Been saving it all for you/’Cause only love can last.” She really spoke to the ladies with this one.

This performance was so iconic that my favises Britney Spears and Xtina Aguilera recreated it with the original “virgin” herself at the MTV music awards. What made the performance memorable was when B. Spears and The Queen of Pop got intimate. I felt bad for Xtina because she also got intimate with Madonna, but the world didn’t see that part. Why you ask? Because the camera had to catch Justin Timberlake’s reaction (o0o burn). I bet Xtina is still bitter about that. P.S. Why was Missy Elliot involved in this?

When Madonna pissed the FCC off

Photo Courtesy: theletters.org

In March 1994 Madonna appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” She used a word that begins with a “fu” and ends with a “ck” about 13 times. This episode became one of the most censored in talk-show history and gave Letterman some of his highest ratings.

The pair talked about a variety of topics that included piercings, toupees and Madge’s love life, among many other things. My favorite quote during this interview that didn’t include an obscenity, “That microphone is really long.” You can only imagine where that steered the conversation.

After the uproar from this interview was starting to die down, Madonna couldn’t let the flame burn out just yet. A few weeks later Madonna sent Letterman a…dare I say…hilarious fax on his birthday that stated:

Happy F**king Birthday Dave!

Glad you could get so much mileage out of the f**king show. Next time you need some f**king publicity, just give me a f**king call.


the anti-christ

M. xx

So here’s to you Madonna. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the memories and keep them coming!

It Was All a Dream

Photo Courtesy: doublepacktv.com

Saturday, May 21 is a special day in hip-hop history; it is the birthday of Notorious B.I.G. This hip-hop superstar was known by many names including: Biggie Smalls, Big Poppa and The Black Frank White. In the early 90s, Christopher Wallace, which was the name given to Biggie at birth, took the hip-hop industry by storm. Before becoming a star, Biggie Smalls had a rough childhood growing up in Brooklyn, New York. He started dealing drugs at 12 years old, which caused him to spend some time behind bars.

In 1994, Biggie finally got his break and released his first album titled, “Ready to Die” on Puff Diddy’s (on purpose) Bad Boy record label. The album included such memorable hits as “Juicy” and “Big Poppa.” Biggie’s second album titled, “Life After Death” gave us such tracks as “Hypnotize” and “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” which we still hear at clubs today. Biggie was even recognized for his work by being nominated for four Grammy Awards.


In honor of Biggie, I decided to re-watch the movie “Notorious,” which chronicles his life before and during his fame and ends with his tragic death. What’s interesting about this movie is that it also shows the rise to fame of Puffy, Lil Kim, and Faith Evans.

One of my favorite parts of this film is when Biggie is simply rapping on the streets, before he had a record deal. A woman named Kim Jones spotted him on her way to work. She was watching him like she knew he was eventually going to be famous. Kim Jones began an affair with Biggie and she secured a record deal out of the relationship. Kim Jones eventually became Lil’ Kim.


At the early age of 24, Biggie was in California promoting his “Life After Death” album. After leaving a club, he was tragically shot on March 9, 1997.

Biggie summed up his rise to fame in a five-minute song titled, “Juicy.” The song chronicles his life from living on the streets of Brooklyn to becoming a major success with his hip-hop career. The first line of the song states, “It was all a dream.” Considering how short of a time Notorious B.I.G was in the music business and our lives, it did seem like it was all just a dream.

Happy Birthday Biggie Smalls, we miss you.


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