Celebrity Kids with Celebrity Godparents

A few weeks ago, I saw a picture of Jaime King, her boo and her new baby boy James Knight. Topher Grace and Jessica Alba were also in the photo because they have received the honor of being the baby’s godparents.

While there are some religious undertones to the role of a godparent, the secular definition, according to Wikipedia, states that a godparent is “an individual chosen by the parents to take an interest in the child’s upbringing and personal development.”

This got me thinking about other celebrity babies and their godparents. Here are three celebrity godparents that made me say no way, oh wow or that seems odd.

The King of Pop and Nicole Richie

Photo Courtesy: www.justjared.com

Photo Courtesy: http://www.justjared.com

Yes, Michael Jackson is Nicole’s godparent, but that is not the most shocking thing I learned. Did you know that Lionel Richie is not Nicole’s biological father! When Nicole’s biological parents could no longer provide for her, Lionel was kind enough to take Nicole in. That makes me feel so pro-Lionel, that I will link to one (and only) Lionel jam I love.

Drew Barrymore and Frances Bean

Photo Courtesy: http://www.popsugar.com

Photo Courtesy: http://www.popsugar.com

I never really thought to put Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain and Drew Barrymore in the same social group. Now that think back, Drew used to party her face off and Courtney still does so it’s only natural that these two collided at one point.

Believe it or not, they were actually besties a few lifetimes ago. Back in 2007, Drew stated, “Courtney and I have not seen each other in a while, so I haven’t had the pleasure of being in Frances’s life for a few years. That’s a great loss for me, and I hope to reconnect with her.”

Frances, give Drew a call!

Jake Gyllenhall and Jamie Lee Curtis

Photo Courtesy: www.people.com

Photo Courtesy: http://www.people.com

I would have never thought to put these two together. Jamie Lee is a close friends of Gyllenhall’s parents so it makes sense. Hey, at least these two hang out!

If you have some other surprising god parents, please share!

Third Baby Mama a Charm for K-Fed?

That’s right, Kevin Federline has tied the knot again. He married his long-time lady Victoria Prince this past weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas…typical.

The pair has been an item since 2008. They also have a child together… a little girl named Jordan Kay. I knew that, but I forgot because K-Fed has children sprawled out all over the U.S.A. He has two children with ex Shar Jackson and two with Britney Spears. I still curse the day those two met each other.

Anywho, can someone send me K-Fed’s address? I’d really like to send him a wedding gift. I’d also like to send him the 17-page strongly worded letter I wrote to him back in 2005 of all the ways he is a life ruiner.

While I wait for the address, I’d like to share this piece of K-Fed memorabilia. It’s his super cool rap music video for “Lose Control.”

Please note the following lyric: Don’t hate ‘cuz I’m a superstar and I married a superstar 

K-Fed, I still curse the day you were born.

Happy 6th Bday Suri Cruise!

Photo Courtesy: articles.nydailynews.com

Ladies and gentlemen…it’s time to strap on your fanciest pair of heels…it’s Suri’s birthday.

The fashion-forward offspring of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has turned six-years-old today! I can’t believe it’s been six years…goodness I’m getting old.

Every year that goes by Suri is (thankfully) looking more and more like my second-in-command spiritual goddess – Katie Holmes.

Suri – I’ve been patiently waiting for my invite to your birthday party…I’m actually typing this blog post next to the mailbox right now. Did my invite get lost in the mail again?

Happy Baby Reese Witherspoon!

Photo Courtesy: articles.nydailynews.com

Rumor has it that national treasure Reese Witherspoon and her second husband Jim Toth are expecting a baby…an actual baby!

This will be baby number three for Reese…The “Cruel Intentions” star has two children (Ava, 12 and Deacon, 8) with ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe. Still upset about that divorce : (

UsWeekly had the pleasure of breaking the story and is reporting that “Reese is right around 12 weeks,” one source explains, adding that the “This Means War” star is “not planning to announce it.”

Reese’s birthday is tomorrow…guess she has something a little extra to celebrate. You go girl.

Jessica Simpson is having a bouncing baby girl

Photo Courtesy: cbsnews.com

In continuing with babymania, Jessica Simpson finally revealed the sex of her baby…it’s a girl (just incase you missed that part of the headline).

“I swear, I will croak if she asks me for a pair of Nikes instead of Christian Louboutins!” Simpson said. “Eric is so athletic – we’re gonna have this athletic girl and I won’t even be able to take her shopping,” she added.

The singer/fashionista also revealed something a little more provocative than the sex of her baby. Jessica is on the cover of Elle magazine this month…rocking the classic Demi Moore naked pregnancy pose.

Elle hits stands March 20.

Snooki with child? Hell has frozen over

Photo Courtesy: poponthepop.com

Boy oh boy or should I say boy or girl?

This week is filled with a lot of baby news and the rumor mill is running on high with reports that Snooki is pregnant. Like me, you might need a moment or seven to digest that.

Snooki, 24 is allegedly three to four months pregnant…the father is Jionni LaValle, Snooki’s current bf who makes the occasional cameo on the “Jersey Shore.”

Mama Snooks is said to be shopping her pregnancy story around to all the mags. Rumor has it Us Weekly picked up the story and if it’s true…we’ll be seeing Snooks, the woman with a constant blood alcohol level, on the cover in the classic pregnancy pose.

Snooki hasn’t commented on this vital matter…neither has her rep.

What an interesting turn of events Snooki and JWoww’s spinoff show “Snooki and JWoww vs. The World” could take if this news is true. Instead of shopping for booze, they could be shopping for baby things…ugh.

Ben & Jen Welcome Baby #3

Photo Courtesy: inquisitr.com

Soul mates Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck welcomed their third baby this week. The couple revealed they were expecting their third child back in August, but kept the gender under wraps.

Now we know that big sisters Violet, 6 and Seraphina, 3 have a little brother! While the baby’s name has not been released yet, I have a feeling the couple won’t go the traditional route and name the little guy Ben Jr. I’m taking bets…Kari needs a new pair of shoes.

Congrats to Ben and Jen…as I said before, I’m available to babysit whenever you need!

*Ben Affleck revealed on his Facebook page yesterday…”We are happy to announce that on February 27, Jennifer gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Samuel Garner Affleck.” I endorse this.


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