Celebrities Who Are Yogis

The interweb is filled with many great things. Today, I found this wonderful video of a beautiful Italian man practicing yoga with his pet Chihuahua. This is a perfect video for me…it’s filled with all things I love!

Anywho, this got me thinking about others that practice yoga and by others, I mean celebrities.

Michelle Williams

Photo Courtesy: 365daysyoga.tumblr.com

Photo Courtesy: 365daysyoga.tumblr.com

Yes, Jen Lindley likes to get zen every once in a while. Actually, Michelle Williams told Marie Claire magazine that practicing yoga made her a better person, mom and helped her cope with Heath Ledger’s passing.

Michelle took her love for yoga a bit further and even co-founded the Yoga for Single Mothers project with two close friends. Michelle noticed that it can be somewhat hard to make it to a yoga class while taking care of a baby. This project offers child care and yoga classes free for single moms who want to practice. Get it, Michelle.

Adam Levine

Could he be any more desirable? Adam told Men’s Health magazine, “I have a hard time sitting still. Yoga has given me the ability to be more focused and make better decisions that come from a clear place.” And makes him super sculpted.

Hillary Clinton

Photo Courtesy: www.salon.com

Photo Courtesy: http://www.salon.com

Being HBIC, the head of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits and making sure Bill’s GPS tracker is charged is a lot on one lady’s plate. Hillary needs a relaxing outlet and she has chosen yoga to help her mentally and physically.

Rumor has it that Hillary even convinced Bill to join her in yoga classes back when they were attending law school. Bill was even quoted saying “I was the only man in the class for a long time, and it was really fun.” Typical.

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