I’ve Been Waiting Five Long Years…

but it has finally happened!


Photo Courtesy: fark.com

First of all…#TeamKatie

Don’t worry…I have a theory as to why TomKat’s marriage lasted as long as it did. While I’m gathering my thoughts and data and putting them into the idea machine, I wanted to leave you with this photo.

Stay tuned!

P.S. Matt Lauer…you’re next! 

I Haven’t Disappeared…

Hi friends,

Sorry I have been missing in action these past few days. I’ve been in the process of finishing up my master’s degree! Don’t believe me? I have the cap and gown to prove it : )

We will be back to our regular scheduled programming on Monday. Thank you all for being a friend.

And Britney…If you’re reading this…The graduation party will continue in the wee hours of the morning. Call me, I know you’re dying to get out.

Topless Tuesday

While I was cruising home this evening, I heard a song by a beautifully handsome gentleman that everyone knows the lyrics to…whether you want to admit it or not.

Hint: “Let me be your hero.”

Enrique Iglesias

Photo Courtesy: enriqueiglesias.ning.com

There are three things that pop into my mind when I hear Enrique’s name:

  1. Jennifer Love Hewitt screaming her face off in the music video for Enrique’s jam “Hero.”
  2. A beautiful beauty mark
  3. Leather pants

Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler graced us with his presence May 8, 1975. He was born in Madrid, Spain and you can never say no to a Spanish man.

Fun Facts about Enrique:

Photo Courtesy: enriqueiglesias.ning.com

  • He recorded his first demo tape on a cassette tape…remember those?
  • Enrique’s dad is Julio Iglesias…he’s sort of a famous Spanish singer…okay he’s really famous.
  • Enrique recorded his first album in Toronto
  • This handsome man has released a total of nine albums and had completed six world tours…seven if you count this summer’s tour with J.LO!
  • He’s been dating tennis star Anna Kournikova since 2001…no one really knows if they are a married or not…for the rest of womankind’s sake… hopefully not.
  • Enrique is a TV star…he has guest starred on “How I Met Your Mother” and “Two and a Half Men.”

Out of all of Enrique’s accomplishments, there is one Enrique moment that always sticks out in my mind as the best…ever. You can view it below:

You can probably guess why I deemed this Enrique’s best moment in the history of moments, but I will tell you anyways. He was so, so close to my spiritual goddess The Legendary Miss Britney Spears.

Enrique – See you in A.C. boo!



An Open Letter to Cosmopolitan Magazine

In order to keep up with basically everything…I subscribe to Cosmo. I have learned so much from this magazine. For example:

  • What type of BFF I am (the awesome one…obvi)
  • How to scoop a man by July (still working on this one)
  • What kind of sunblock I should wear that compliments my skin type

And the list goes on and on.

As a dedicated Cosmo subscriber, I was surprised to receive a postcard in the mail telling me that they have received a rush in subscriptions and I’ll be receiving my magazine asap. I was totally okay with that, until I read the other side of the postcard which said my subscription would begin with the August issue.

So Cosmo, what happened to the month of July? Does that one not count anymore?

I tweeted Cosmo a few days ago about this debacle…no response of course. Can someone explain this to me? I would like to know how this is a good business practice.

P.S. If you haven’t figured it out yet…I’m upset!


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