A Night on the Existential Town….

Have you ever been all ready to go out for a night on the town – like all ready, including hair, shoes and leggings then it starts to pour? Well that would pretty much summarize tonight, when the skies over the city of brotherly love opened up and ruined the evening. So what are two, classy, fun and hydrophobic girls to do? How about a movie night…

1. ‘The Wedding Planner’

Photo Courtesy: directorisin.blogspot.com

All girls love this movie. And if men could sit through the opening Barbie scene, I’m pretty sure they would love it too. One of the original J.Lo films…this is her first introduction to the world of the romantic comedy. Lets hope she goes back to her roots in her upcoming motion picture “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”

2. ‘8 Mile’

Photo Courtesy: sodahead.com

In an effort to connect with my inner unemployed, down and out, young white male rapper from Detroit, “8 Mile” offers a look into Mr. Mathers’┬álife. To balance out the romantic stylings of J.Lo in the previous section, “8 Mile” offers the street cred and Oscar victories that a night like this demands.

3. ‘Young Adult’

Photo Courtesy: thisis50.com

The night is still young, and we just cracked open the Netflix. We’ll keep you posted on how this third addition to the film collection pans out.

Talk soon,

Alison the Professor

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