Happy Drake Day

Photo Courtesy: garygraefen.blogspot.com

While it may be some other religious-like holiday, I have officially deemed today…Drake Day.

Why you ask? One of the most handsome rappers alive has released not one…but TWO new music videos. I’ll give you a moment to process this greatness. Breathe into a paper bag if necessary.

The first music video is “HYFR” ft. Lil’ Wayne (ugh). It chronicles Drake’s re-bar mitzvah, which he celebrated back in 2011. The video starts off with a smaller version of Drake getting his groove on then transports us to the sweet, sweet party.

Leave it to Lil’ Wayne to be underdressed for the occasion.

The next video released on Drake Day is….”Take Care” ft. his number one lady Rihanna. Honestly, when are these two going to stop beating around the microphone and get married?!

It makes everyone on the planet so sad to continuously see the pain in Rihanna’s precious eyes.

While I don’t understand the concept of the snowy mountain, the big bird and the bull…I do love the shots of RiRiĀ and Drizzy together.

Even though it is Drake Day…this message goes out to Rihanna: Girl, let Drake take care of you.

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