Stuck in my Head – ‘Top Back’

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Last evening I was relaxing on the couch and searching for some good reality TV. On one of the channels, T.I. flashed across the screen and I shrieked with excitement.

Fyi: T.I. aka Clifford Harris Jr. is on my list of celebrities who I would take my shirt off for…it’s his swagger and the way he wears a hat. I’m hot-flashing as I type.

If you don’t know, T.I and his wife (Tiny) have a reality show on VH1, called “T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle.”  In this half hour of TV gold, I learned the following:

  • T.I. has a boatload of kids…I counted six, but who really knows
  • T.I.’s lady does not meet the expectations I have for being the wife of such a beautiful rapper
  • T.I. was arrested at the BET award show in 2007
  • Even though he was in the clink, T.I. is still a gentleman

Side note: T.I. comes from the nickname “Tip” that was given by his great-grandfather. The nickname was shortened to T.I. after he was signed to Arista Records, which included rapper, Q-Tip…get it?

Watching T.I. be T.I. on his reality show got me thinking about one of my favise T.I. jams…”Top Back (Remix).” This song pops up on T.I.’s fourth studio album “King.” It’s great to cruise around to in your Honda and it includes a guest appearance by Young Jeezy <3.

The music video is a typical rap video…women are washing cars and the rappers are rapping in front of those cars. If T.I. wasn’t so damn handsome, I might have to give him the demeaning to women stamp…but my heart will not allow it.

Favise lyrics: “God damn my money sick/Ay! I need to see a doctor”

While I know that T.I. does not speak these words…you can’t deny how clever Young Jeezy is with his rhymes.

T.I. – If you are willing to relocate to Phila, I would be more than happy to buy you the Phillies hat in every color. Call me!

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