Kelly Clarkson – ‘Mr. Know It All’

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Today was a good day for one reason…Kelly Clarkson released a new music video! It’s a classic Clarkson video: hair blowing in the fake wind, wearing a shirt with the sleeves cut off and she’s bitching out a man! Good to know that some things never change.

What I’m wondering is what’s that contraption Kelly is using to control the TV? Can someone mail me this device? I’ll promote it on this blog like Kelly promoted it in her video. If not, I think I’ll live.

One thing I love about the video is how Kelly packed her bag and peaced out. Damn the man to hell that broke her heart!

Kelly – your hair is on point and it’s good to have you back. I can’t wait for the release of your new album, “Stronger” on October 24.

One Comment on “Kelly Clarkson – ‘Mr. Know It All’”

  1. Justin says:

    Right fucking on about her hair. She looks great. Bitch is hot when she tries.

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