Another music video shot in awkward location

Five – ‘When the Lights Go Out’

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Moving on with our discussion of awkward/weird/strange music video locales, the next one I have chosen to explore is “When the Light Go Out.” I remember being at skating parties when I was in grade school and this song would come on. There was a bumrush to the skating floor! Now I realize how inappropriate it was, but I believe I am a better woman for it today!

The band Five (aka 5ive) originated in 1997 and were signed by the Simon Cowell. Five is described as a manufactured band, which means that auditions were held and they basically casted the members. In the end, 7 members were chosen…two were on standby. Kind of like the “William the heir, Harry the spare” thing.

What actually surprised me was how many albums they sold…wait for it…close to 7 million! Sadly in 2001 the band split up…boo you whores.

Moving onto the music video for “When the Lights Go Out,” it’s set in a bowling alley. Yep, that’s right, a bowling alley…that same place where you throw heavy neon-colored balls at pins and try to knock them all down. Personally, when I think of an area where I want the lights to actually go out…a bowling alley isn’t my top choice. You don’t know where those balls have been!

I think a better setting would have been a nightclub or even a mini golf course! At least mini golf has that fake grass for a softer landing. I will give this video a get out of jail free card since the band is from the UK. They probably thought Americans get really excited about bowling.

Best part of the music video: When each band member gets there solo shot in front of the bowling alley lockers. When my precious eyes saw that, I grabbed my bowling shoes and headed to the nearest bowling lane!

Five – Thanks for (trying to) make bowling alleys sexy.

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