Stuck in my Head – ‘Wait Your Turn’

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I have no idea why I like this song or why I paid $1.29 on iTunes for it. There is something about it that makes me feel…dare I say…like a boss after it’s over. Rihanna does give us some good lyrics, such as “I’m such a f*ucking lady” and “I pitch with a grenade/Swing away if you’re
feeling brave.” We all know she can be one tough bitch, but why exactly are we waiting for our turn? Am I waiting for Rihanna to kick my ass? I mean I’d totally be ok with her doing so, I’d have much more street cred. Note to self: protect my teeth.

This video reminds me of an early 90s rap video…the way the camera is shooting her and the black, white and grainy footage. It’s reminiscent of a Wu-Tang Clan music video: Protect Your Neck. This comparison really hit home when Rihanna is standing in front of a statue, holding her crotch.

In the end, I feel that this song was way underrated, even though I have not one clue as to what Rihanna is trying to tell me. Maybe it’s a recruitment video/anthem for the Rihanna Navy?! Do I get a point for that?

Best part of this music video: Rihanna is wearing an eye patch. Check it.

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