Funeral Services: Cremation Or Burial?

When you have lost a loved one, one of the decisions you need to make is about funeral services and the manner of interment. Every family is diverse and they have different preferences for services. Their decisions can be influenced by their faith beliefs, cultural practice, personal preferences and the costs involved. The services can […]

The History Behind Patches

The history of patches can be traced down in early history. Nowadays, an embroidered patch comes with various uses as it is widely utilized for military insignia, scout badges, sporting events and other similar activities. During the ancient times, especially in the Mediterranean and Middle Easy, embroidery was used to decorate the garments and other […]

Guidelines in Choosing a Manufacturer of Military Coins

Customized coins are unique, creative, and affordable ways to show your appreciation. So if you are running a company, giving these coins to your employees will surely boost their morale and motivate them to do better at work. Military coins have been used as tokens of appreciation since World War I so you cannot go […]

Four Ways Logo Lanyards can Make a Company Rich

Companies distribute logo lanyards to employees for obvious reasons like uniformity and easy employee identification. Nevertheless, lanyards can also serve as moneymakers for companies investing in them. Here are the reasons that prove a simple, personalized ID holder can make an entrepreneur or company rich. Branding Works as Promotional Material ID holders are simple accessories, […]