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The History Behind Patches

The history of patches can be traced down in early history. Nowadays, an embroidered patch comes with various uses as it is widely utilized for military insignia, scout badges, sporting events and other similar activities. During the ancient times, especially in the Mediterranean and Middle Easy, embroidery was used to decorate the garments and other possessions of the rich.

The Beginning

custom patchesThe practice started out during the 5th – 3rd BC in China. The Chinese utilized different sewing methods to mend and patch clothes which led to the practice of integrating various designs to the clothes by sewing. Through the years, other civilizations followed the same technique by sewing different patterns and designs into tapestries, clothing and other items. Patches came into existence when they sew patterns into small clothes.

The Use of Machines

While most patches are made by hand, most of them are machine-made. First introduced by Alphonse Kursheedt in the 1800s, the embroidery machine helped people combine different sets of looms and create great-looking hand embroidery. In order to come up with a mechanized process, Kursheedt imported twelve embroidery hand looms. Not long after, the Schiffli embroidery machine was created by Isaak Groebli after drawing inspiration from Kursheedt’s creation. The Schiffli embroidery machine made use of a shuttle and a continuously threaded needle.

In today’s modern world where technology reigns supreme, people can now use digitized patterns to come up with different embroidered designs through the use of computers. Now, people can mass produce embroidered patches for companies, sports teams, school uniforms, and other similar uses.

The Modern-Day Patch Creation Process

When it comes to creating a patch nowadays, computers mostly do the majority of the work. However, early ancestors have been using similar technology in the 17th and 18th Century BC. Technological advancements have been widely used during the Industrial Revolution in terms of making embroidery easily accessible to everybody. This is because embroidery was once a practice only fitting for the wealthy population since the process to decorate a clothing is deemed time-consuming. With the advent of sewing machines and embroidery hand looms, the efficiency of producing intricate designs has greatly increased which paved the way for the ordinary citizens to decorate their clothing.

Nowadays, people can embroider a patch with different designs and patterns with the help of multi-head sewing machines that are controlled by intricate computers. Unlike the wool-blend or all-cotton threads used by most people in the old days, people now use polyester-blended threads on embroidered patch as they retain color more effectively and more durable than their predecessor.

Application and Value

An embroidered patch is a cheap and efficient way of identifying individuals based on rank, talent or organization. In the United States, the military was one of the first government organizations to use a patch as a mean of identification. Military personnel belonging in a different division, rank and skill set, make use of varying patch designs. For example, those who belong in the armory division typically use a tank-inspired patch. On the other hand, those who belong in the medic division usually use a patch with the Red Cross design so that they can easily be distinguished on the battlefield.
The oldest US military patch known in existence is the renowned Big Red One which was utilized by the 1st Infantry Division. The said patch was first issues to the soldiers belonging in the said division in 1918. Now, the said patch is considered a collector’s item with a great monetary value.

Final Thoughts

Patches are usually integrated into most clothing and other textile products nowadays. However, most people do not know the history behind the practice. Knowing the history behind why you are wearing a certain patch is a great way to know the value of the logo that you bear.

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Patches is handmade stuff and lots of materials used while its creation illustrates above. For more reference visit patches4less.

An Overview on Golf Grips

Golf is a game of precision that requires correct body alignment and technical movement to master. But, don’t be intimidated by this because golf is just like any other sport that is enjoyable and fun for those who are really interested. Learning the basics may be hard for beginners but the position and the movement will come naturally with repeated practice. Golf grips are one of the most basic skills that players should know how to do properly in order to do well on the game.

The golf grip is the way a player holds the golf club using his or her fingers, without touching the palm. The rationale for this is that, the fingers are more sensitive and lets the player swing the club with more appropriate amount of force. Touching the palm with the club often results to weak and misdirected swings. To position for a grip, the lead hand or the dominant hand must hold the club with the fingers wrapped around it in a slanting manner. Then, the trailing hand or the support hand should be put in a certain angle or line above and beside the lead hand to provide the needed support for the swing. The trailing hand’s position determines the kind of grip a player uses.

There are three golf grips that are most popular and widely used by players.

The most popular golf grip is the Overlapping Grip or the Vardon Grip because it was popularized by the player Harry Vardon in the 20th century. This grip is done by putting the lead hand on its standard position. The trailing hand is then place in a slightly overlapping manner, with its little finger placed between the middle finger and the index finger of the lead hand. The thumb of the lead hand is then fit in the lifeline of the trailing hand. This grip is the most preferred by golf teachers.

Golf gripsThe second type of grip is the Interlocking Grip; it literally locks hands together, hence the name. In this position, the little finger of the trailing hand is intertwined with the index finger of the lead hand. The thumb of the lead hand is in the lifeline of the trailing hand. This grip is preferred by people with weak forearms and wrists and those with small hands. Although this type runs the risk of touching the palm which results to weak swings, golf champions like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus use this grip.

The third most common golf grip is the Ten Finger Grip or the Baseball Grip. It resembles the position of holding a baseball bat, with the little finger of the trailing hand near the index finger of the lead hand. The thumb of the lead hand is then covered by the lifeline of the trailing hand. This is the grip preferred by most beginners because it is the easiest to execute. This grip is also best used by people with small hands, with joint arthritis and weak hands.

A player doesn’t need to master all golf grips, only one that best suites his or her style. The most important is that the player is most comfortable with the grip he or she is using. The technicality of positioning and swinging with appropriate amount of force could then follow, as the player could easily adjust these when using his or her favorite golf grip style.

Although golf may not appeal to everyone because of its seemingly sophisticated and relaxed nature, it still is a good physical exercise for the whole body. The swinging and walking around the golf club to follow the ball helps a person walk thousands of steps without realizing it. It is an absorbing sport that makes exercise seem passive when it’s not. Just master your signature gold grip and everything else will follow.

Looking at Merrick real estate

Looking at Merrick real estate can be frustrating, especially if you are counting on your existing bank account and loan preapproval. For one, most of the homes in this posh town cost almost quadruple the median housing price across the country which is around $250,000. However, if you have decided to take advantage of the better economy and join the roster of new homeowners looking for better locations, you might as well take the plunge.

Will Your Income Cover Your Living Expenses?

There are ways to find good homes in this sophisticated part of the state that might work for your spending plan. However, it is important to know that buying a house is just the first step of planning how much you will spend, and the living expenses come second. The cost of living in Garden City is 122% higher than in the rest of the country, and if you are in between jobs and striving to make ends meet, this may not be the place for you.

However, if your household makes around $150,000 a year or more, you may be able to cover your expenses. People who reside in this posh community of villages generally make this much, and to belong, you may have to work harder.

Do You Have the Best Broker?

Finding a good home for the best possible deal may entail tapping the services of a reliable broker. A broker will not only help you create the best spending plan for your dream house, he or she can also help you find what will probably work out best for your lifestyle.

real estateA good real estate broker may also be handy when looking for premium properties that can be sold for less. You may be looking for houses that are now with lower values because of innovations placed in period properties. At the same time, a broker may also help you grab Merrick real estate. It matters because most of the residents do not relocate to another town. They are most often the buyers of the listed properties, and they do so to make upgrades or downgrades.

How Valuable is Location for You?

While almost all Merrick real estate are built at the turn of the previous century, it is possible to still find more modern homes that are priced much lower in the market. However, most of the new housing developments will be located along the outskirts of the town as Garden City still follows the original settlement design. That means that the older homes are placed in the better central location, and that is part of the charm of this community. If you are thinking to move here with your family, you may find that the public school district is somewhat far from the more recent developments. If you do not have any qualms about commuting to get around, most homes in the area have direct access to bus and rail transport systems. To get more details visit

If you are bringing a car, location will matter a lot to you, especially if you are working in an establishment in the town’s business district. Traffic can sometimes be bad in this sophisticated neighborhood, and it may take up to 30 minutes just to drive from home. You may want to choose a home that’s in or near the middle of the community.

Guidelines in Choosing a Manufacturer of Military Coins

Customized coins are unique, creative, and affordable ways to show your appreciation. So if you are running a company, giving these coins to your employees will surely boost their morale and motivate them to do better at work. Military coins have been used as tokens of appreciation since World War I so you cannot go wrong with them. Giving away these coins is going to improve your professional relationship with your employees.

military coinsYou can order customized coins from the Internet. Plenty of manufacturers offer military coins, public service coins, and award coins. These coins are usually given away to people who have displayed outstanding services, performance, and values. If you are concerned about your budget, do not worry because these coins are reasonably priced. You can choose good quality materials at an affordable rate.

If you order in bulk, you may even receive a discount, a freebie, or a promotional offer from the manufacturer. When choosing a manufacturer, you should go for one that offers a wide variety of coins. This way, you will be able to have numerous options to choose from. You will also be able to differentiate one type of coin from another. It is also advisable to search for good reviews online. Read reviews about the most recommended manufacturers of customized coins.

Although you can choose a manufacturer that just got started (i.e. recently established), it is more ideal to go for a manufacturer that has already built a solid reputation amongst customers. This way, you can rest assured that you will get quality services and products. You will also be able to contact customer support when you need assistance. Custom coin manufacturers who have long been in the business usually have customer support that is available 24 hours daily.

You should keep an eye out for quality. When you order military coins, they should last for many years. Find out which manufacturer produces the highest quality coins. Also, choose a manufacturer that produces great designs and image details. If you want your customized coins to stand out and be remembered forever, they should be attractive and sturdy. Make sure that they also have a good finish.

With this said, you should make it a point to consider the finish when choosing a manufacturer. Choose one that offers a wide variety of finishes as well as excellent craftsmanship. If you prefer antique finishes, make sure that they are plated. You should also find out whether the manufacturer specializes in hard or soft enamel processes. It is ideal to choose a manufacturer that offers both so you can have more options.

Furthermore, you should choose a manufacturer that is flexible when it comes to budget. As a customer, you should be able to receive good quality products and services without going overboard with your budget. The manufacturer you choose should be able to work around the budget that you have. For instance, if you cannot afford gold and silver military coins, they should offer other metals that are just as attractive and sturdy but not as expensive.

Also, you should take note of their shipping policies. Some manufacturers offer free shipping but charge high rates for their custom coins. If you do not want to spend more than you intend to, see to it that you read their policy carefully. Find out about their money-back guarantee, so you will know how and when you can get a refund or replacement. It is also crucial for you to ask about the total costs of your order. This should include the cost of the coins as well as the shipping and packaging fees.

Four Ways Logo Lanyards can Make a Company Rich

Companies distribute logo lanyards to employees for obvious reasons like uniformity and easy employee identification. Nevertheless, lanyards can also serve as moneymakers for companies investing in them. Here are the reasons that prove a simple, personalized ID holder can make an entrepreneur or company rich.

Branding Works as Promotional Material

ID holders are simple accessories, but their possessed branding elements can serve as promotional factors that bring in clients. Branding elements placed in a lanyard are logos, branding colors, and company names. Logo lanyards prominently show a company’s logo on the fabric strap or on other special attachments like safety breakaways or badge reels. Companies can take advantage of various printing and embroidering options in placing logos with complete detail to making them recognizable when seen by others.

Logo LanyardsPlacing brand color themes on lanyards is simple. Clients can choose from ID lace colors available from a service provider. This color will serve as the main brand color representing a company. Texts, logos and badge reels can use the other brand colors for consistency. Combining all these branding elements aids a company’s promotional campaigns.

Leave Positive Impression to Guests or Clients

Companies invite potential clients and customers in various events to leave positive impression and build business relationships. Leaving positive impression means gaining higher chances of setting a brand as a reputable company and driving profit through future business transactions. Logo lanyards can leave positive impression during events where potential clients gather.

Lanyards have been famous in these events as ID holders for organizers and guests’ IDs. Most of the time, organizers also distribute lanyards as giveaways for event attendees. Seeing the top quality lanyards leaves positive impression to attendees and potential customers. They will praise the company’s meticulousness in choosing a reliable service provider to produce their lanyards. On the other hand, recipients will interpret top quality giveaways as the company’s commitment in extending quality services and products to customers signing up with it.

Top Quality Lanyards for Utmost Savings

Entrepreneurs are aware that saving money is integral in boosting income to get rich. Ordering quality logo lanyards means saving significant amounts of money because employees can use them longer. These won’t be damaged easily, which minimizes the need for regular lanyard replacements among employees. Saving money in this aspect is a great aid for businesses to minimize lanyard expenses and increase savings.

Keep Unauthorized People Out of the Company

Theft can bring about a company’s demise, especially since the stolen money, machines and data are integral to its operations. Several cases reported that many theft incidents occurred because the criminal managed to slip inside the facility. This prompted numerous companies to establish two security levels to ensure unauthorized people won’t gain access to their establishments. First is by setting up security personnel who will look at employees’ IDs before entering the building. The second level is by providing access cards that limit employees’ access to specific areas in a company. With lanyards, security guards will know whether a person entering is an employee or not. A person who doesn’t wear his lanyard will be prevented from entering to verify if he has an ID or not. If an employee, the security personnel can call the person’s stated department and verify his identity with supervisors before getting permission to enter the building. At this point, the security personnel had effectively controlled a possible theft incident.

Overall, logo lanyards can drive income to a company through various means. Leaving a positive impression to potential customers, saving money from ordering lanyards, and preventing unauthorized people from entering a facility can guarantee a company a notable degree of prosperity.

Author Bio:
Logo lanyards always have an attachment with it. This attachment is the primary tool which connects the lanyard to the thing it holds, such as an ID card or a gadget.

Wearing Your Graduation Sash

A graduation sash is a long shawl or scarf that is usually draped over the student’s shoulders during the commencement exercises. Numerous methods of wearing a stole may be adopted. In the long run, this can help create an appropriate appearance that comes with the graduation cords. This article guides you on the right way of wearing your academic sash for the ceremony.In wearing your academic stole, you have to make sure that the graduation regalia is properly outfitted for the commencement exercises.  You also want to be sure that your stole design is approved by the authorities in the learning institution you are graduating from.

stoleYour graduation stole is just regarded as a part of the entire outfit that you will use for the ceremony. It is essential for you to consider the type of clothes that you are planning to wear under the graduation gown. For this matter, dark semi-formal clothes are usually recommended in most learning institutions.

As for your foot wear, neutral shades are also recommended to avoid distracting attention from the formality of the event.  It goes without saying that your shoes should also be clean and polished. Also, they should be comfortable enough for you because you will be required to walk on different types of surfaces such as carpets and steps.

Your graduation sash is worn over your graduation gown.  Your academic stole is sometimes also referred to as the hood or the sash. The academic sash is typically displayed to show off your accomplishments in the academic institution that you belong to. This may include but are not limited to symbols of your sorority affiliations, fraternity affiliation, major course work, and graduation year. The symbols are often embroidered on the stole to indicate pride.  This is actually one of the main reasons why graduates choose to wear stoles.  They serve as a showcase of the things that they have done throughout their years in school.

The graduation sash should be worn properly, with the V-shaped end of the graduation stole facing the front.  The tassels should be positioned along your back. Your graduation stole must go over the shoulders and along the top of your graduation gown.  Make sure that the ends of the stole are positioned evenly.  Have someone to check out your entire graduation outfit to ensure that everything is straight before you walk down the red carpet for your graduation march and up the stage to get your diploma.

gradsashThe graduation sash is not just another piece of clothing accessory.  It is supposed to be held with the same regard as the graduation gown and cap.  The entire graduation attire is symbolic of the journey you have gone through in school.  It’s an indication of what you have accomplished.  It’s a great way to mark this special milestone in your life.  It is just right for you to pay special attention to this graduation accessory.

Way before your graduation day, you have to take time to explore your options.  Make the necessary inquiries with your school’s administration office about the requirements and regulations you have to comply with in terms of your stole design.  Once you have this information, you can already check out what stole designs are available.

If you want to customize your stole, you can also find online graduation stole stores that provide customization services.  Design your stole and then place your order.  Pay attention to the delivery schedule so you would not have to worry about getting your stole on time.  Do not forget to allot time for shipping and possibly even returns in case the sash that is delivered to you does not meet your requirements.

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